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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mido wants to stay

According to Sky Sports Mido has stated his desire to stay at WHL once his loan period expires.  Mido said,

"I would to love stay here for more years, but it's not only about me, it's about Roma as well,"

"Officially, I belong to Roma after the end of the season, so we're still talking with Tottenham and with Roma and we'll see what is going to happen.

"To be honest, I want to stay and I'm happy here.

"I'm not really thinking about other clubs or anything, I'm just thinking about Spurs.

"I want Spurs and Roma to have a deal, and me and Spurs to have a personal contract.

"I want to stay for the next year."

Of course until Keane hit 7 in 7 Mido was our top scorer and has assisted with a few goals as well.  However he sometimes goes missing in games and his presence means we tend to play it long from Dawson's boot to Mido's head, not the best or most exciting way to play.  

However, Mido clearly has talent and as long as the rumors that he stormed out of training a couple of weeks ago are untrue I would like to see him stay next season.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say sign him. We could do a lot worse than him at 5 million and we already know he has benefited the team and being young and passionate about Spurs has potential to develop further.

Think that he is a good calculated risk (low risk) and being one for the future could always be sold on if things go wrong. What you get for 5 million these days is rejects or unproven players that are a gamble and not sure if they will succeed. Still would be even better if we would have got him at 3.5 Million as previously suggested.

After that we need one more player to make up our 4 strikers hopefully a world class player like Kuyt, depending on whether we will be in the champs lge or Uefa cups.


4:28 AM, April 05, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW if our strike force next season did consist of:

Kuyt - 12 million
Mido - 5 million
Keano - 7 million
Defoe - 6 million

IMO that would make a top class strike force worth 30 million which putting into perspective is the cost of one Chelski striker alone in Didier Drogba, how about that?!


4:35 AM, April 05, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Defoe cost us 7 mil....I much prefer Torres, even at 20mil.But the fella wouldn't want to come unless the miracle happen...we are in the CL.

8:35 AM, April 05, 2006

Anonymous cheshunt yid said...


I had sex for the first time today!

The only thing is he came in my face, i wasn't expecting that.

But hey, what's good for the goose, eh

11:30 PM, April 07, 2006


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