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Monday, February 19, 2007

FA Cup win and draw

Spurs produced their best away performance of the season to stuff Fulham 4-0 yesterday with Keane scoring two fantastic volleys and Berbatov adding two from the bench, his second a great goal. Keane flicked it on for Berbatov to casually chip into the top corner. The guy has class and he showed it in a fantastic 20 minutes yesterday.

The performance of the whole team was very different to the recent displays put out by the Spurs and was a welcome boost. The Jol out mob were getting more vocal although it has yet to be heard at the grounds where 90% of the fans are still well and truly behind the big man. The rumors that he had lost the dressing room seem a joke as well with a great team performance put out. Zokora played well with Tainio, Malbranque protected Lee throughout the match and Mido was involved with two assists.

Our luck never continues though as we have been drawn away to Chelsea in the next round but if you are going to win the cup you have to beat the best teams. We have aready beat them once this season and have only lost one away game all season in the cups so why not.

In preperation for our game Chelsea have launched a compaign to lift the deathly atmosphere at The Bridge. Only beaten by The Library MkII for silence the Chavs are clearly worried so have come up with this ingenious plan:

  • Chavs
    I don't think I need to pass any further comment.



    Blogger Harry Hotspur said...

    Why don't they just put a sign in a newsagents window?

    apply in person
    second hand fridge

    5:38 PM, February 19, 2007

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hear what you're saying HH, but how would those signing up ever know whether the advert was for chelsea or arsen*l?

    5:45 PM, February 19, 2007

    Anonymous 4everaspur said...

    Harry... Chelsea already have shit fans. Why would they want more?

    6:09 PM, February 19, 2007

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I thought it was a pretty poor performance on a par with our other away shows this year. We defended for 80% of the game and didn't get out of our own half for long periods. Total lack of midfield creativity (apart from that Zokora run) and Lennon didn't see too much of the ball. The only difference was we got 4 chances and put them all away. The first two were from the stone age, long ball up up, flick on and volley. Arsenal it wasn't. Not that I'm complaining , 4-0 is fine by me, I just think we could just as easily have lost that game on a less lucky day.

    6:11 PM, February 19, 2007

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    oh dear, dear, Chelsea it's not about Terry, it's all about Mourinho. For him there's no difference between cups and league: he's unbeaten at home for five years!
    May I suggest an intelligent draw to get a replay?

    And the Fulham game was ...normal. it looked so good because it went well for us and Fu...were crap.The only thing to remeber is Berby: class, class, class, class,style, style, style, flair, flair, flair, technique, technique, technique, the absolute football gentleman. I hope we all agree on that one...
    COYS !

    6:50 PM, February 19, 2007

    Blogger ParkLane67 said...

    anonymous 6:11 - What match were you watching? The difference between this and our other recent performances was that every player fought for the whole 90 minutes. For me, the most important thing about the result was the 'nil'! - our first clean sheet for a very long time. We fought every ball, even when Fulham were dominating possession, and when we won the ball we did our best to get it forward and hurt them. Of course the other difference between this and recent performances was clinical finishing. You're either a gooner or one of those idiots who aren't satisfied unless they've got something to whinge about - Well after a performance like Sunday's you've got no right to moan!
    Regarding the draw, i would have preferred Watford at home, but if we turn in a gutsy performance like Sunday, then we've got a good chance! COYS!

    7:21 PM, February 19, 2007

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    anon 6.11pm.....If it is a poor performance amd we win 4-0 each time, I will take it.

    What nonsense.We were not poor as we did something that should have been done much earlier... that is to play and defend with organzation.

    We finally know how to protect a early lead and be patient b'cos we have class strikers to kill off the opposition. We can't play like the gunners and we should not.

    In the 2nd half Zokora was withdraw to defend and that was spot on.The 3rd goal came b'cos with Zokora playing deeper and deeper that created space in midfield for him to surge into.

    The only criticism is that as with previous matches, the sttikers and not the midfield tend to have moments that they switch off.

    Keane is a mirro what is wrong with the team.Brillant in spuds but frustratingly complacent in spuds.We need to keep up a consistent level of commitment and concentration.

    7:48 PM, February 19, 2007

    Anonymous db said...

    anon 6.11

    anyone who complains about any 4-0 win away from home is a complete moron who loves whining for the sake of it. you aint my ex-wife are you ?!

    love the chav article, best laugh all day! trying to create a better atmosphere and its on the official site. proves the atmosphere is shit!!!!!!

    COYS lets take them chavs to the cleaners, 2-1 home and away will do for me.

    9:23 PM, February 19, 2007

    Anonymous harty said...

    I agree with 6.11. We were not as good as the scoreline suggests and we shouldnt get as carried away with it like some of you have.
    I was there. We had 6 efforts on goal. For much of the game we were on the back foot.
    We were lucky
    Fulham werent.

    Still ... We battled ,
    But of course we always should.

    Great goals the were .

    And we should enjoy them. Specially cos we aint had many to savour away from home.

    But..... Lets not kid ourselves. It wasnt much different to other away performances.

    Zoks was poor.
    Lennon was anonymous.
    Mido was crap apart from assists.
    And our defence got lucky with Robo getting em out of trouble all afternnon.

    Out of the fire and now into the shit with a hard tie at chelski.
    Couldve been worse.

    Man U or the arse.



    9:29 PM, February 19, 2007

    Blogger Paxton Road said...

    Zokora was not poor yesterday.

    12:49 AM, February 20, 2007

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "There is no reason to complain about the draw.
    "We respect Chelsea, but we'll fight until the end to come through."

    Well, that's the least they can do.
    But I do have the feeling that if anyone can beat Mourinho is this guy.

    1:44 PM, February 20, 2007

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    May I draw(pun intended) your attention to the absolutely terrifying schedule of fixtures ahead of us:
    4 West Ham
    8 and 14 UEFA
    11 FA - Chelsea
    17 Watford
    20- If there's a FA Cup replay with Chelsea.

    Now, I know we're always moaning about rotation, but this needs careful planning: no player can play all theses games and we need them at 100 per cent every time.But we do have two teams.
    Sort it out Jol:
    some play home, some play away, some play Uefa, sonme play FA. It's the only way.
    COYS !

    5:36 PM, February 20, 2007

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I can't believe some of what I'm reading! 6.11pm, forget football for a few weeks, take some Diazepam, see a counsellor, have a holiday and come back refreshed, positive and ready to rumble.

    Peace, Yid15.

    7:16 PM, February 20, 2007


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