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Monday, March 05, 2007

Get the goals here! West Ham Vs Spurs

Ha ha ha, poor old Wet Spam how sorry I feel for them. Not! Ha ha ha.
Nothing is more deserved. The utter hatred shown towards us was the usual nonsense and the racist chanting was unsurprising from the Cockney Barra Boys from Green Lane. We don't really care that much about them as we know who our true rivals are but the Hammers have seem to forgotten that their real rivals are Milwall. After yetserday's defeat they are heading back to the Championship and if they really do crash and burn like Leeds they may well face their proper rivals in league football once again.

To be fair to West Ham they played well first half and Jol admitted we had made a tactical mistake. However the awful Ghaly was replaced by Huddlestone at half time and his range of passing caused West Ham problems. We were soon level, the second goal a superb bit of play by Berbatov, Lennon and Tainio. Once we had equalised I thought there would be only one result but we did not kill off the spammers and Zamora came off the bench to score what looked like the winner.

Of course up stepped Berbatov to equalise befor Stalteri started the breakway to finish West Ham in the Premiership. Lee won a poorly controlled ball by Zamora and Stalteri broke away. His pass allowed Defoe to run at the full back while we streaked forward. Stalteri continued his run and ensured he stayed onside. When Green fumbled the shot across the goal Stalteri stroked the ball home. I have criticised him in the past but fair play to him on Sunday.

Download my take on the goals here:

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    Anonymous parklanespur04 said...

    what a victory! sweet revenge!! hahaha

    how they loved it last season........fa cup final, stop us from champs league.

    this season tho...........we still in europe, their not! we're in fa cup quarters, their not!

    And last of all we are fighting for a top 6 finish, they are not....instead fighting to fill there shit hole of a stadium next year when they will be playing teams like colchester united and luton town!! haha enjoy!

    9:07 PM, March 05, 2007

    Anonymous SpiderPimp said...

    paste this in your address bar :


    9:13 PM, March 05, 2007

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    10:42 PM, March 05, 2007

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Fantastic game and fantastic result. It just shows what happens when we attack teams that we are very capable of scoring lots of goals even away from home.
    This may sound a bit odd but I am so glad that Mido was not fit to be on the bench because as soon as West Ham got the 3rd you just know Mido would have come on and it would have been hoof, hoof, game over. That Tarrabt looked very good for the short part he was on. Defensively is still a a concern this season. Hopefully Ledley will be back soon, at that might be our downfall in terms of winning the Uefa cup.
    I want to give a special mention to Stalteri. I have been critical of him in the past and he may not be the most gifted player but the effort he put in for the winner deserves special praise. Most players just jog on casually but Stalteri gave it his all to get in that box and he got his reward.
    Super game. Hopefully we can keep up this superb run of attacking football. With Berbatov on fire we have every chance of this. COYS

    1:48 AM, March 06, 2007

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Read Jol's veredicts after the game: he praised Defoe and criticised Berba. What do you call this? a brainless Shrek? a sadist in disguise?
    Your thoughts on this, please( I believe I'll enjoy this one, I bet!)

    1:54 PM, March 06, 2007


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