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Friday, June 29, 2007

Bent Confirmed

The worst kept secret in British Football was confirmed this morning - Darren Bent has signed for Spurs and has cost £16.5 million quid although we don't know the breakdown of this - is it all one fee or is portions linked to club progress? I expect the latter but hats off to Charlton for holding out for their fee and hats off to the Spurs board for paying big money when need-be. With Kaboul done, but not announced, and Bale in the bag the transfer window has been good so far. A couple of dead players need to be sold off and we still need that left winger but if the main nucleus of the squad is maintained then this appears to be the big push for the top four, hopefully at the expense of the goons.

The Shelf first mentioned our interest, thanks to news from FTL and COYS, back on May 12th. The Spammers attempted to hijack the deal with a ridiculous offer of wages but Bent saw the light and showed that he was not a complete money grabbing bastard, unlike Lucas Neil who turned down a move to Liverpool for the dirty cash the pikeys threw his way. Bent won't be on anywhere near 75 thousand a week but is probably now being paid more than Berbatov. This situation needs correcting and I think the biggest signing of the close season will be Berbatov putting pen to paper on a new contract.

Bent told the official site:

“Tottenham have a lot of young English players and it’s a young squad, it’s a squad going forward and that’s the direction I wanted to take. They seem to be getting better and better every season and I would love to be part of that.

“It helps a lot that I know a few of the lads from England internationals and I’m sure they will help me settle in. It’s exciting times for me and the club, hopefully I’ll show what I can do at Tottenham and we’ll go on to win things.”

Where this leaves Jermaine Defoe is another question. He wants to stay at Spurs but he needs to sign a new contract to do so as otherwise the club will cash in. Mido was almost off to Fulham but they would not pay him enough so we still need to offload him asap.

Keep it up Levy and Co. Don't muck the whole thing up by selling a top asset.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are we ever going to sign a left midfielder? I hope thats not all the transfer kitty gone after kaboul as well coz were guna have to pay 10mil for a decent leftie as it is, although we dont seem interested in signing one but i feel its the most important signing we need to make!! maybe a centre mid as well!!!

8:34 AM, June 29, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bent could turn out to be a brilliant signing. If Berba gets injured for a couple of months I will feel a lot better about Bent taking over rather than the ever expanding Egyptian.

I agree we need a left midfielder but really feel we could do with a central midfielder who can unlock a defence.

9:21 AM, June 29, 2007

Anonymous Evans said...

I'm not a spurs fan but i've been following the Bent saga from the start. You guys can't honestly tell me he's worth 16.5 mil, he's scored a couple of goals for a small team,he's obviously got lots of talent but for crying out loud that amount of money could get u David Villa. Thats way way too much for a decent player,further more i honestly believe he's as good as defoe which makes the money paid for him or the more ridiculous,unless u can offload Defoe for a similar amount of cash this deal is not a good one at all. I get the feeling the Spurs buyers occasionally get influenced by paper hype e.g Gareth Bale...You see the papers will always hype up British players,its the duty of the Spurs board not to believe it,16.5 mil,you goota be kidding me.

9:48 AM, June 29, 2007

Blogger Friendly Henry said...

A happy Addick here... Thanks for the cash, Spurs... Bent the Gent is good, but he ain't worth £16m. The Charlton board has managed to do what few of us thought possible. We've mugged you! COYA!

2:41 PM, June 29, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

All this talk about Defoe leaving because Bent has arrived is stupid talk from inside and outside the spurs community.

When Man Utd won the treble, they had Scholl-Scar, The Teddy Bear, Dwight Smiley and My name is Andrew!!! Cole...This is proof that four quality strikers can take a team a hell of a long way.

Bent simply is a quality replacement for Mido, who has let himself down to really. Remember that opportunity he had against Liverpool at home and how he wasted it, Bent would have done alot better.

We now have to understand that Berbs and Bent are an tall, pacey and skillfull option, Keane and Bent are another alternative,Berbs and Defoe are a workable pair, Berbs and Keane are the inform partnership, but also Bent and Defoe are a curious combination...So as you can see our striking posibilities are far better with Bent in the squad, although Keane and Defoe rarely works as a partnership.

Bent is concidered by Jol as another big man like Mido, but with less attitude and also has lots of pace like Defoe.

If we keep Defoe we will have a quality strike force, which i feel is a top four strike force. As to wheather we have a top four midfield or a top four Defence is another question and i look forward to seeing who Jol and Comilli bring in to stregnthen those areas.

4:03 PM, June 29, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bent is only 5ft 11 apparently so not that big. But a decent signing.

Message to Levy, COmolloni, Mr Jol, Hughton etc.... LEFT MIDFIELDER, LEFT MIDFIELDER, LEFT MIDFIELD!

12:41 PM, June 30, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well 5ft 11 is taller than Defoe and Keane.

2:13 AM, July 01, 2007


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