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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Tottenham 'Opless available now

Yes that's right, you can now own an copy of the Tottenham 'Opeless.

The 'Opeless comes in a variety of styles beautifully bound in cheap shiny plastic. Depending on your "loyalty" the 'Opeless comes in either silver, gold or platinum colours.

When you open the 'Opeless for the first time you will marvel at its sheer beauty. The Tottenham Cockeral sits proudly on every page detailed in silver leaf. The terms and conditions tease you with words such as "If we qualify for the Champions League your cup credits cannot be used" and "Smoking is not permitted in WHL".

Almost everyone of its gorgeous pages can be torn from the book due to its exquisite perforated edge. The pages are numbered in clearly readable bold font. The 'Opeless even includes pages for cup finals such as the FA Cup or the UEFA cup but never fear, the team will never make these places so you can keep these pages in your 'Opelss for years to come - something to show your grandchildren.

Should you lose your 'Opeless it can be returned to you as it even contains its very own page where you can add your name and address - a personalised 'Opeless for no extra cost!

The 'Opeless comes in various prices from £570 up to £1500. Did we also mention it allows you in to WHL to see 11 men ponce around with the ball for 21 games a season? No, oh well we better keep that bit quiet as we would not want to damage sales.

Buy your 'Opeless today and receive a free copy of Daniel Levy's best selling book, "How to fuck your manager over and ruin the season in one easy step"

Next season the 'Opeless will be considerably more expensive as the excitement of maybe beating Arsen*l for the first time since 1999 adds value and excitement to the book. Don't delay, buy one today!



Anonymous lgrjiin said...

does it include a comedy manager?

10:27 AM, September 16, 2007

Anonymous xzzwkwh said...

yes i blame the board too.

Shit board, only given us the best squad in 20 years, only invested the best part of 100m into giving us


How can Jol be expected to work with such rubbish rescources?

Any manager would be in the bottom 4 with only that to play with.

In fact I would go as far as to say Jol is doing more than expected keeping us (just) clear of the relegation spots.

Poor Jol.

10:35 AM, September 16, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been pro-Jol have have stuck up for him on numerous occassions but not yesterday. Defensive minded whas his aim, regardless of what some people said to me yesterday. Keane was dropping deep meaning our midfield (AGAIN) was being overrun. He only went offensive when we we're behind and bringing on Bent and expecting him to do something was just plain stupid. Regrdless of your love/loathing of Jol, the fact is that he isn't up to it.

What do we do? Kick him out now or at the end of the season?

10:37 AM, September 16, 2007

Anonymous xzzwkwh said...

get comolli out.

he is to blame for our rubbish tactics and inability to hodl onto a lead.

Who has he ever got for us apart from Berbatov, Taraabt, Boetang and Kaboul

and Bale

and chimbonda.

poor jol. what rubbish he has to work with.

10:38 AM, September 16, 2007

Anonymous xzzwkwh said...

why would you kick jol out?

Its comolli and teh board that is too blame.

jol is working magic with limited resources.

as the blog owner rightly points out.

its comolli and levys decision not to conduct defensive training sessions. not jol

levy makes the substitutions. comolli picks the starting line up.

10:40 AM, September 16, 2007

Anonymous xzzwkwh said...

do Jol and Hughton maintain this blog.


not shit tactics!

its the board!

funny as fuck.

blame teh tea lady for not having pg tips. not jol

the defence should be big enought to organise itself. not jol

10:42 AM, September 16, 2007

Anonymous outwiththehighspendingboard said...

its not jols fault we try and hold onto every lead we have by retreating 11 players into our penalty box.

no its levy's fault.

Its not Jols fault our players play like they have just met for teh first time. no its the players fault

Jol is a tactically genius. its not easy turning a fantastic set of players into a pile of shit.

Jol is great.

Keep Jol, get rid of the board, we ar ebetter off with no investment or ambition.

sack everyone but jol.

jol will lead us to 14th he is that good.

bring back sugar.

10:52 AM, September 16, 2007

Blogger Paxton Road said...

Fantastic responses.

You fail to realise the reason we won't challenge for the top 4 this season is the woefully unbalanced squad where we have a DoF who thinks we need to spend £16 million on Bent when we need a central midfielder!

It was Comolli who thought Zokora was a good replacement for Carrick.

It was Jol who wanted Bale and Berbatov, not Comolli.

Jol is not blameless but you lot all believed the press hype. We are no worse off than last season and have played tougher games.

11:21 AM, September 16, 2007

Anonymous yidono1 said...

I'm still sitting here with my tottenham tinted glasses on waiting for some thing good to happen, we need a good run of games and we could be back we've had a tough start i think jol can still do it!!!

Am hurting at the defeat yesterday though

get behind the team and im sure we'll be there

11:46 AM, September 16, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only thing the Board is guilty of is not replacing Jol in the Summer.

Will they have the spine to do it now or will we have to endure another season of "must do better", "we're a young side", "we have to learn from our mistakes" as we stagger to some irrelevant position in the league while we thrash Cyprus Amateurs and the like in various cups to record another glorious failure in the quarter/semi-finals of irrelevant cups?

I doubt it, and if that is the case then the Board will really have something to answer for.

11:58 AM, September 16, 2007

Anonymous Grayspur said...

Its all well and good Jol saying 'dont worry..we have the same amount of points as we did last year' as if thats something to be proud of.Its as if he is saying despite our poor start we are guaranteed to finish just as well as we did last year.Well I am sorry but we are not!!
What is especially worrying at the moment is that where in the past White heart lane was a bit of a fortress and our away form was dire it no longer is and teams coming there will be expecting a result which gives them a head start.
There is also something drastically wrong with Spurs training methods.When Hossam Ghaly nearly went to Birmingham on transfer he gave some insight into this when he stated that doing lots of running in training was not what he was used to.I laughed at the time at his comments but on reflection he was actually referring to Tottenhams training methods where running and building up stamina seem to be a foreign concept!!This is worrying because it is plain for all to see that we are very unfit compared to most other premiership sides and against a team like Arsenal who are ultra fit it becomes embarrasingly obvious.Their dynamic movement and darting runs completely over ran us at times yesterday and considering their players,nearly 100 percent foreign imports who you thought would not have had as much passion for the big North London derby showed a commitment and hunger to win which was totally lacking from our mainly home grown players.
Also Jol must now seriously be questioned regarding his tactical awareness in situations such as set pieces.Why was Bale marking Arsenals best header of the ball for their equaliser.Where was Dawson or Kaboul who have far more physical presence?
And once again Robinson showed up his frailties at set pieces commiting himself to come for the ,completely missing it and ending up a yard futher upfield then the scorer.
Its all well and good saying give them time they will come good.I dare say we will win a few games in the near future.However that does not cure what I see as fundamental problems within the team involving fitness levels and tactical awareness and ability to out think an opposing manager at a particular stage of the game.It seems that in every game we are there for the taking in later stages of matches.Teams like Everton,Villa,Newcastle,West Ham and Blackburn to name but a few are currently well ahead of us in those departments I have mentioned which is why I am beginning to get really worried this season because we dont seem to have the nous or the ability or even the desire to learn from our mistakes.It is for these reasons that I say with a heavy heart that Jol has to be replaced sooner rather than later..before we get sucked into a relegation battle which is looking very likely the way things are going.The bottom line is,being a nice man does not make you a great manager

12:09 PM, September 16, 2007

Anonymous HAHAHAHAHA! said...

paxton road.


Jol made the good signings, Comolli made the bad sigings!

of course!

Jol was in charge of the team for the game against Derby, Levy was in charge against Sunderland?


We are 16th or whatever because Comolli has only provided us with playersd good enough for bottom 4!

Nothing to do with Jol.

If we had a defensive midfielder we would be in the top 4 now,.

Comolis fault!

God bless BMJ for gettign out us above the drop zone with the shit Levy and comolli have provided him with.


2:54 PM, September 16, 2007

Anonymous itstheboardsfaultwecantdefend said...

do you reckon we should just not have a board?

I mean they keep interfereing and all that. asking jol to get us into europe and win stuff.

They should just get off his back and leave him to do what he wants in his own way. if he wants 15th fine. its his team

6:36 PM, September 16, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking for someone to blame? Here's a novel thought ... how about the PLAYERS! Why not hold THEM responsible for what happens on the pitch. Jol can't tackle, pass or score. THEY must do that. Wait a minute, hold players accountable for their actions? Blasphemy! Gimme a break you twits.

8:30 PM, September 16, 2007

Blogger Harry Hotspur said...

2.54 anon - who'd of guessed it?

I will never ever get bored of informed people.

Step forward Paxton Road.

Simultaneously, 2.54, please take one step backwards.

Goodnight Gracie.

10:01 PM, September 16, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

lads lest you forget when january comes berbatov goes and there goes are strike force.we will then have an average defence, crap midfield and a worse still strike force.still think things are bad now,i think they will get worse unless we play football that keeps berbatov happy and we qualify for champions spot.this happens so often at spurs we get so close were all we need is maybe two players to take us to the next leval and either we can't find them or won't buy them.get it sorted SPURS

11:14 PM, September 16, 2007

Anonymous superyid said...

comolli IS to blame as much as jol, comolli is the one who finds players, jol is the one who asks for them.

hughton is to blame for defence though, how long has he been assistant and in charge of training for? wasn't he a full back? isn't he a complete knob jockey?


9:49 PM, September 17, 2007


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