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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spurs destroy Arsenal

Spurs thrashed the life out of the scum last night with an emphatic 5-1 demolition of Wenger's team. Spurs were absolutely brilliant throughout the game and never allowed Arsenal to play any kind of attacking, free flowing football.

We had the perfect start after less than 2 minutes. Jenas, who was brilliant, strode through the Arsenal midfield and hit a wicked shot in off the far post to make it 1-0 on the night. White Hart Lane erupted and the noise in the stadium did not stop from then until well after the end of the game. For any scum fans or players who may stumble upon this little blog the noise you heard was called an atmosphere. As there is none at the Emirates, even though it can hold 60,000 odd fans it must have been a scary experience.

Soon after Spurs were two nil up as Bendtner score a fantastic own goal under pressure from Dawson. It was almost three before the break with Berbatov hitting the post and Jenas the side netting. The scum were rocking and had replaced Denilson early on with Fabregas. Denilson was injured apparently but only remembered to limp down the tunnel when one of the scum management reminded him he was supposed to be limping.

The main difference between Jol and Ramos became clear in the second half. Under Jol we would have sat back and defended the two nil lead but Ramos and the increasingly insane Poyet pushed the lads on for more. Berbatov and Lennon combined well to release Keane for a great volley to make it 3-0. Lennon than took on a great pass from Keane to kill of the scum. 4-0 to the mighty Spurs in an hour.

By now the scum fans were sneaking out and we knew we were on our way to Wembley 'cause we beat the Arsenal.

The goons hit one back from Adebayor but Steed put the icing on the cake by scoring the fifth and thrashing the Woolwich Scum 5-1.

The atmosphere was fantastic all night and block 19 was rocking from start to finish. When I got in I had to watch it again and there were some great little moments off the pitch. Ramos just holding the ball out of some vagrants hands as Wenger got all worked up and Keane performing a little dance when the fifth went it.

It was great to hear the Chas n Dave classic at the end and to see Mr Grumpy storm off down the tunnel. Arsehole was moaning. Nothing went our way was his main line of defense and his very young team were gutted. He also failed to see Adebayor attacking another goon as they turned on there own. Disgraceful. He finally admitted we were the better team but it was through gritted teeth.

As usual Wenger likes to bend the truth and he failed to mention that Fabregas, Sagna, Gallas, Gilberto, Adebayor, Hleb and Diaby all played. In fact Yidoman on FTL came up with a great stat that showed if you added up all the Premier League appearances for this season our team only had 7 more games - 153 to 146.

So we are off to Wembley after thrashing, destroying and annihilating the scum. Viva Ramos!



Anonymous Ossies V Neck said...

Good post...

Wenger is SUCH a bad loser...he is like an 8 year old who's been sent to bed.

Did you see his 'hand shake' with Ramos as he stormed off?

It has been timed by the Guinness book of records at 0.002 of a second.

He my be a great manager, but he is far from being a great human.

Thats why his players all strop about with all their petulance.

Pulsating and well deserved win against a fairly strong goon team.

9:11 PM, January 23, 2008

Anonymous Shelf Life said...

"Denilson was injured apparently but only remembered to limp down the tunnel when one of the scum management reminded him he was supposed to be limping"

That is very funny.

9:20 PM, January 23, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That injury was so force! Did you see Wenger's little thumbs up to him as he was coming off? That was a 'thanks for taking one for the team' thumbs up. Haha. He must think everyone is thick.

9:32 PM, January 23, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spuds are such good losers fact Spuds lose so much that we do it with smile...
Spuds are so glad that we are going to the tin cup final ....and lose with a smaile as we always do!!

4:21 PM, January 27, 2008


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