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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Spurs fans say no to Stratford.

As a season ticket holder for many years I am dismayed at the idea of moving away from Tottenham on the sole basis that Levy can make more cash this way. The new stadium plans at WHL look fantastic yet we seem to going after a deal with AEG that will see Take That concerts one week and football the next.

The move pays no regard whatsoever to our history of where we have come from having played at WHL since 1899. Shall we rename ourselves to Stratford Hotspurs? Are we Super Tottenham from Newham? No we are not and we should start to make noises about this as Levy cannot be allowed to get away with this.

There is a Facebook group already set up for Spurs fans who want to fight the move.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

umm it was only a tactical move to get Haringey Council to agree planning permission

12:47 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Mal said...

Agree with 1st comment there. Great tactic to annoy those two sensitive idiots in charge of the hammers as well.

12:53 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure what we'd be called the thing that worries me is that transport and parking around White Hart Lane is Rubbish and no one hasaddressed this the area is run down and no one has addressed this either....Chelsea and Arsenaland West Ham have easy access tube stations what do we get

12:56 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, it 'was' only a tactical move at the start, yet perhaps not now.

i think levy is looking on one hand at the prohibitive costs of the new whl, and on the other a freebie over in east london, and alas i think he's come to the conclusion it's a no brainer.

i cannot bring myself to think about this.

leaving the scum alone in north london. they will have won, for good. north london will be theirs and theirs alone forever.

we cannot allow this. it will rip the soul out of spurs, and the gooners will be laughing their fucking heads off.

12:56 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When are Harringey going to understand this isnt just about putting money in club coffers we need a tube stn but it's obvious we will never get one. As it is not financially viable.

12:58 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont know why they never planned it near Tottenham Hale station theres an industrial estate there which could have been offered money to move.

1:08 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The minute Spurs move to East London, i will never step into that stadium for rest of my life..I have had my Season Ticket for almost 27 years now, missed only one game on my daughters birth. It has been my pride and joy for all this time but the minute Spurs move to the Olympic Stadium , i will never renew my ticket, will never watch another Spurs game in that shitty East London..Even the mame East London sending shivers down to my spine, also the name East London sounds so Paki , i hate the idea...Imagine your local rivals are West Ham and you are an East London outfit..FUCK OFF LEVY!!!

1:55 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

... to the 1 above.... ur a little racist fucking cunt aint ya... paki is ur real Dad motherfucker... go ask ur fukin mum... COYS

2:23 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i live in east london. beautifully vibrant, you dick two above - you had a good point - a valid point - one i was nodding to until you spat out some absolutely pointless racism.

anyway i can see the olympic stadium from my house. it would be terrifyingly easy to get there. but my heart would leave tottenham, the club, and i wouldnt be able to bring myself to go. my grandad was born opposite the ground, my father was born in earshot of the matchday crowd. we ARE Tottenham, pride of NORTH London.

I don't think Levy would do this to the club, not after the money spent on the plans and the prestige it would bring the club. But then there is that grubby little bit of doubt.


2:38 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Jono said...

Leave North London are they f**king mad!!!!We are Tottenham Hotspur FC & where is Tottenham? North bloody london...not the fricking east end!!!
How the hell can you be called Tottenham if you reside in Newham?
I think Levy has been spending too much time in the US!If you take Spurs out of North London you will create a lot more Arsenal Supporters.If we move to the east end then this club effectively dies I will not go to the east end like the Wimbledon fans that will not go to Milton Keynes.
Has levy lost his mind?
Do not US-ise our club because plain & simple the short term benefits will not outweigh the long term damage to this historical brand!

4:09 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a naive article!

Firstly, Levy does not own Spurs, so I don't see your point about him making more cash.

Secondly, why on earth would the club care what a few fans think IF the people that run things feel making any given move is in the club's best long term interests?

Thirdly, remember, Levy recently stated that the season ticket waiting list was up to nearly 30,000!!! Shouldn't think a few whiners on the internet would make any company ignore the extra 22-24million quid a year in revenues from ticket sales (give or take).

4:45 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Coys rip said...

This must surely mean that just like when Arsenal moved to Highbury and dropped the Woolwich from Woolwich Arsenal we will also drop Tottenham & be called Hotspur!
Anyone got any other names that come to mind! East Spurs has a nice ring to it!
From a purely short term business view on paper it sounds like the right Deal given our ambitions to compete in the top flight a quicker route to success,but Tottenham Hotspur in Stratford is gonna be a hard sell for many & I for one won't be buying!

4:59 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Billie bondseye said...

You lot will become a joke that we can poke closer to home hehehehe!
Hope you do move over this way cause this will be your deserved destruction you arrogant cnnnnt*
Says basically you can't compete with your N london rival so time to move on! shower of c+n's

5:16 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

@4.45 The season ticket waiting list figures are a lie. I know quite a few fans that have bronze membership to gain the extra day over lillywhite members for purchasing tickets.You're put on the waiting list regardless of actual intent to buy a season ticket

5:55 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like any sensible chairman, levy is keeping his options open. I'm sure he is fully aware of the risk of alienating fans who dont want to move. we dont really know if he is just indulging in brinkmanship, cranking up the pressure on boris or is really serious about stratford.


1) we dont know how easy it will be to find a few hundred million pounds to finance a new stadium or what impact it will have on our ability to compete and buy players for a couple of years.
2) transport to the area is rubbish and requires a major upgrade to cope with another 20,000 matchday visitors. we dont yet know the costs of that upgrade and whether the local authority or other public body will contribute.
3) Stratford will hold less risks (project overrunning/costs increasing)- the stadium will be there and ready to use with minor modifications in two years.
4) numerous clubs have moved to the dismay of their fans and not looked back - the goons, citeh, etc
5) who really loves Tottenham as an area? - it is a shithole, whereas the whole Stratford area will have been rejuvenated, have great transport links, etc.
6) even if nothing happens and its not serious, I'm loving Gold and Sullivan throwing their toys out of the pram!

7:05 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...


This will never happen as the club know that it will be ripping the heart out of thfc and make a mockery of all recent statements of the historical meaning of redeveloping WHL. The club is well aware that the majority of fans would no longer support the club and reform another spurs like afc wimbledon. The reason that not many spurs fans are speaking about this is because they are intelligent enough to know that this is purely a tactical ploy to influence tfl and also to annoy the pikey boys.

Let's not forget that the pikeys fans don't even want it as if they take over there will be loads of empty seats, a running track and let's not forget this ground isn't in west ham either! Levy also makes sure are bid fails by stating the running track would be removed if we got the ground - that will not be allowed to happen for legal committments by the Olympic legacy.

Please do the math! AEG will sponsor the new WHL and all this ensures that there will be no fuss from tfl.

By the way I'm fed of hearing that transport around WHL is shit! I'm a season ticket holder and it's a myth, plus the new lane has proposed improvements for travel. Tube at Northumberland park would be good but that is far from essential.


7:28 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 07:05 the finance is in place argggggg.

How many times do I have to go around stating this!

There's are number of schemes used to raise the cash with minimal debt ie aeg naming rights, share issue, housing, joe lewis personal wealth etc.

Also it doesn't matter if tottenham is a shit hole - we can't be called tottenham and be in another area of north London let alone east London!!!!!

7:37 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

to 7.28 and 7.37 - I am 7.05.

We may well have finance lined up (although we havent announced a stadium sponsor) although I expect that nothing would be signed until plans finalised. There is always a risk, ie sponsor may withdraw/go bust, Joe Lewis might lose a bundle in the financial markets, property buyers (supermarkets, etc) may withdraw, housing may not sell - we arent in a desirable area like Islington, costs/timescales may overrun - have you ever known a building project where they didnt? - just look at Wembley!

Re transport: on my two most recent visits it was awful. I came by car through the Blackwall tunnel and up through Stamford Hill and it took a ludicrous amount of time/stress. Arrived at ground at last moment and paid £15 to park on the High Road so as not to miss any of the games. I suppose I could have come by tube (around half hour walk from 7 Sisters or Tottenham Hale), bus (at least someone else would be driving while it crawls along), etc, and this is without the 20,000 additional visitors. A transport upgrade is definitely needed and would be hugely expensive - this is probably just as much of a potential deal breaker as stadium costs.

7:55 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's hardly all Spurs fans, is it? I doubt this opinion is even the majority view.

The ground's currently in an inaccessible shithole and we're being held to ransom by absurd, delusional self-interest groups. Stratford also gives us the space and transport links we need.

And why do we need to lose our name? Arsenal didn't. And our name's a brand, not a location.

8:14 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

08:14 your a bufoon.

Other guy dont travel by car for a start! Although travelling by car will be easier in the new lane as less people will travel by car to the ground then as proven by transport studies by tfl, the club and council.

Secondly since when was islington desirable!?!?!?!?!?

8:46 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

08:46, at least I'm a buffoon who can spell. 'You're' has an apostrophe, thicko. And good job refuting my points, brains.

8:55 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think olmypic stadium is lovely and should go to west ham they are a east london team, and there are some good spots for some little rucks for them, we are a north london team and if we were moving away from White Hart Lane, were ive had some highs and lows(more lows) we should try for wembley the home of england the home of football. yid army

9:23 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHL is well served by 7 Sisters Tube, (the walk down the High Road is almost a tradition for Spurs Fans) Northumberland Park & White Hart Lane Itself, Transport links are fine and WHL station WILL be upgraded as part of the Redevelopment Project (I suggest you actually read the proposal) - Those complaining about the drive to WHL would have the same problem driving to Highbury, or Stamford Bridge or most prem ground on Saturdays

All in all its sooo obvious the Straford thing is a ruse to put pressue on those making the decisions, EVERY time we've gone to the previously gone to the council, this Story re-surfaces


And those calling Tottenham a shithole can fuck off as well. The only time it look shite is after 35,000 Yids have left for the day..

Other than that its pretty much like most places in London..

9:27 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous YidArmy said...

Levys pulled another masterstroke by calling the bluff of all those opposed to the new WHL whilst also confirming our dominance over the pikeys and slapping the porn kings back down to size.of course a move to the olympic would be cheaper in the short term but even Levy knows moving from our home is a non starter.the new stadium will be built and THFC will go from strength to strength

10:48 AM, October 06, 2010

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i would love thfc to move to east london, you yid cunts would get eaten alive by the locals, every other saturday would be a bloodbath

7:04 PM, November 25, 2010

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