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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Spurs Vs Charlton.

I write almost every week that the next fixture is always a "mst win" game. For us to harbour European ambitions in the premier European competition then they definetly are and with us failing to win, let alone score in the last three games then we have to get back to winning ways against Charlton. Only slip ups by the Goons and the top seven during the week have meant we have stayed fourth place but the scum, Wigan and Bolton are all clsoing in on where we are. Failure to win tomorrow would leave us only one point above Arsenal and they have a game in hand, albeit away at Anfield.

Danny Murphy will not be allowed to play tomorrow due to a gentlemans agreement but I have to say that I am quite looking forward to seeing him in a Spurs shirt in 8 days time. He has the second highest assist rate in the Premiership with 8 to his name, which is even more impressive considering that he has not featured for a month. His ability to play balls along the ground instead of in the air will assist Defoe and Keane no end in trying to score as high balls aren't much use when you are not much over 5' 7".

It has come as no surprise that we have been rubbish since Mido went and Rasiak proved once again that he is not up to the task ahead of him. It is not his fault that he is not good enough but you just seem to get the impression that he couldn't care less anyway with lacklustre performances and a lack of effort. Effort will win a lot of Spurs fans over (see Freund and Brown) but being damn lazy won't and is one of the reasons the crowd have turned on him. I don't agree with having ago at your own and he won't improve his game but you also have to help yourself and Rasiak has not done that. I am hoping the vicious rumors flying around that Defoe has a cold and Rasiak will start tomorrow are wide of the mark.

The back four continue to pick itself with King and Gardner in the centre (Dawson suspended) with Stalteri right and Kelly left. Kelly was poor again against Fulham and you have to wonder why Ziegler is on loan at Wigan while we have no left back cover.

Tainio and Davids may pass fitness tests and if they do they will both start. If not we shall have Carrick and Huddlestone in the middle with Lennon on the left and Jenas on the right. However I am pretty sure Tainio will make it which would allow Lennon to have more of a free role on the right. Defoe (fingers crossed) and Keane will hopefully start up front and the strong rumors are that Barnard will make the bench after scoring 18 goals for the reserves. It is about time the lad got a chance.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree about Zeigler. I don't understand why he is on loan. For me he would get in the side tomorrow, either left back, or left midfield. We are still very unbalanced in midfield with far too many central players, meaning someone always plays out of position. What are we going to do when all Davids, Tanio, Carrick, Murphy, Jenus, and the new egyption fellow are all fit? There are going to be some unhappy players soon I think. I wish we had that many strikers though, then atleast Rasiak wouldn't even make the bench. Hopefully we will win tomorrow, although Charlton always seem to do well at our place so it certainly won't be easy. We have to give Keane and Defoe a go at them.

8:48 PM, February 04, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree more about Zeigler, this has to be a mistery. It wasn't to long ago when i posted a comment about Zeigler not getting in to the Hamburg side. And the whole point of him going there was to get first team football. Why an earth we didn't send Andy Reid instead is beyond me! Zeigler for me was our out standing player last year, with his energy and drive. He now would fit perfectly into the side, with the Kelly obviously not caring. Anyway hopefully he'll be back next season.

9:15 PM, February 04, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont agree about ziegler, i think we have far better options, i do hope Huddlestone gets another chance tomorrow aganist Charlton as he was impressive v's fulham. Defoe and keane have got to start aswell, i never want to see Rasiak again wearing A spurs shirt!

9:26 PM, February 04, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 9.26. What other options do we have? Not many on the left. Reid is injured and not up to scratch anyway, and at left back pyo is away at the moment, and Kelly is not on form and is a right back anyway.
Huddlestone will hopefully be a top player in years to come, but he is probably about 6th or 7th in the pecking order for a central midfield spot. From what I have heard, he is very much in the Carrick mould, so seeing as though Carrick is young, I am not too sure the Huddlestome will get too many oppourtunities at the Lane. Is ashame beacause he has bags of potential. He can play at center back though, so would be happy for him to p;ay there tomorrow, instead of Gardner.

9:41 PM, February 04, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dont agree 21.46 renee zellwegger is quality if u had a season ticket last year? you would know why we all think so highly of him ! he is a tradional spurs player who likes to take people on. the more players like that the better go on the yids ! i will be there tommorow and got a feeling we will get a lucky win.rashyid

9:58 PM, February 04, 2006

Anonymous The truth is.... said...

Jol has decided to base our tactics around a solid central midfield that wont allow for much creative wing play.

This is fair enough as it reflects the strengths of our squad.

Obviously we have been unable to secure the right left winger, and jol was probably looking to Andy reid to offer him other options tactically. His injury is frustrating he does sometimes show good touches and still has a slim chance of making it.

Huddlestone is one for the future, although he may be called to make a contribution, otherwise expect to see Davids, Tainio and Ghaly filling the left between them.

Industrious strength, not skill will be the character of our midfield for the remainder of this season.

10:04 PM, February 04, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The most important thing about winning tomorrow is so that we can keep aboit of breathing space betwwen us and scum, as I fear that if they do manage to overtake us, that it will be incredibly tough to catch them as we have a very tough end to the season. You never know, it could all go down to the game at Highbury which could be the deciding factor as to wether we make the Champions league. Agree about Zeigler. I think he is great. He should be playing tomorrow instaed of for Wigan. Doesn't make much sense to me. Main Thing for us though is that we need Mido back soon so he can help fire us into Europe. He is such a key player for us. But hopefully Keane and Defoe will show tomorrow, that Mido will not just be able to walk into the side with ease. As long as we play on the floor, then Keane and Defoe can bang them in. COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:06 PM, February 04, 2006

Anonymous Simeone said...

Even when mido returns we should rotate our tactics during games.All of histories greatest would keep hold of the ball for long periods,drawing teams in and control the tempo of games.Sure mido wins alot in the air but in my op he plays even better with the ball at his feet.Was I the only sod who felt invincible for most of the 2nd half at Fulham.

10:23 PM, February 04, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Play Naybet instead of Gardner... Please!

5:32 AM, February 05, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

shame we did nt get Jonathan Zebrina now to play along side Ledders, i dont think Naybet should come in for Dawson today, will have to be Gardener as Charlton have alot of pace up front. In the midfield what do we think about Routledge going out on loan, i think he should of been given more of a chance, because hes creative and quite skillful a good supplier for our starved strikers! WEVE GOT TO WIN today, we simply cant afford any more slip ups, COYS!

7:58 AM, February 05, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

we don't deserve to win games while we are playing that lanky piece of pi*s get the ball on the deck and play defoe and robbie +

8:18 AM, February 05, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For god sake play anyone in place of that plonker Gardner,give us SPURS supporters some hope,sale him off sooner the better..

8:56 AM, February 05, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think gardner hasnt done alot wrong has more pace to cope with the charlton forwards - we havent beaten this lot since 1990 so we will have our work cut out today - but i think we are due some luck so hopefully will come today. zeigler set up wigans leveller yesterday he looked solid and skillful surely we could have played 2 wingers and 2 defensive battlers my midfield would be
zeigler davids tainio lennon

rash yiddo paxton rd

9:24 AM, February 05, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unless Charlton and Darren Bent have a stinker,if BMJ plays gardner, naybet or Kelly we are likely to concede. Remember earlier this season. Naybet was terrible and tried to play a lazy offside. He cant run and is no good to when we play teams that play it on the deck. Gardner and Kelly are prone to mistakes. Kelly was at fault against Leicester and against Fulham guilty of Ball Watching and not getting a firm head to the ball. Gardner makes so many fuck ups they are not even worth listing and i cannot believe he is our best backup. WORST SQUAD PLAYER AT SPURS - he fills me with drear every time the ball goes near him, as you know its only a matter of time b4 he fucks it up. So we will only have two reliable defenders playing UNLESS he tries Huddlestone at CB. Key decision's in my mind, along with fucking that useless pole out of it. Tainio & Carrick must play the ball to feet, and Lennon (our most exciting prospect) must play, and take the game to em!

Must win to keep ahead of the scum...


10:53 AM, February 05, 2006

Blogger Fuzzo Yiddo said...

Is Lee still in Korea with his family? We miss him! Kelly cannot do the left side.

11:42 AM, February 05, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Lee is still away. I agree that Kelly isn't good enough at left back. He is a right back a and does play quite well when on that side. I still think that Erik Edmun was a very good left back. He lacked creativity, but was always quite solid, so was dissapointed to see him go.
But I think center back today is more the concern as i don't rate Gardner too highly. I comes across as very lazy and casual, which is not good against too pacey strikers we will face today.
Also up front I hope Keane and Defoe play. They can play together if we play the ball on the deck. I hope Defoe doesn't leave in the summer. Come on Spurs!

12:32 PM, February 05, 2006

Anonymous Park Lane Green Beret said...

Up The Spurs!!


Finally Barnard has been promoted to the bench infront of Rasiak, shame he didn't get on but we won, were still in 4th and Europe beckons.....Champions League? I hope so!!

The next 3 games are crucial to our seasoin and hopefully that is the last of our little blip. The fact were still forth speaks volumes of our progression, albeit still a long way to go.

Defoe's scoring again and at home we're very hard to beat. Lets hope we can get maximum points now and consolidate our league position.


Englands No1, Englund, Englunds..

Stick Sol Campbell up your arse

We've got Ledley at the back

Martin Jols Blue & White army !!


6:25 PM, February 05, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today's win was more impressive today as we had so many midfielders out and injured during the match. Davids, Murphy, new Egyption, Zeigler, Routledge were all missing and during the game Tanio and Lennon went off injured, so it shows what strenght in depth we have that we managed to win quite comfortable overall.
Hopefully Davids and Murphy will be ok for Sunderland away, as I think in front of their home fans, they will be desperate to try and get something so the midfield area is far more important next week.
Well done to Defoe today. I knew that if we played it on the floor that he and Keano could do the business. It will be very hard for Jol to choose who to drop when Mido returns.
Also I think Jenas is improving with every game. He started slowly with us, but his overall game is getting better and better.
Well done Spurs. Good result today.

6:47 PM, February 05, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the previous years table is a guideline, we are 7 wins (out of the remaining 13) from a champions league place. 63 points could just nick it.

The team look quite settled now.I was one of those astonished that Ziegler is loaned out.But come to think of it,the boy was unhappy at WHL and hardly have a kick at Hamburg.You expect him to be match fit in our frantic efforts to get that CL spot ?

We did well againts Charlton today and that is because the team is beginning to gel.The quality of the team is showing and benefit of a settled side is surfacing.It shows in the increasing confidence of lads like Gardner, Salteri and Jenas.

However, we the purchase of Murphy,I think the first team would Robinson, Salteri,Lee,Carrick,King, Dawson, Davids,Jenas,Murphy,Keane,Defoe.

Subs : Gardner,Lennon,Huddlestone(Tanio), Mido, Czerny.

7:48 PM, February 05, 2006


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