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Monday, January 30, 2006

Fulham Vs. Spurs

With our away form not looking as good as it was, having only won 4 out of the last 20, we need a win tomorrow to keep us above the goons who play on Wednesday. A draw or defeat would open the door for the scum to over take us. With 14 games to go every game is vital so the team news for tomorrow is quite depressing.

The latest news coming out of COYS is that Lee could be flying home for family reasons which would see Kelly switch back over to left back. Considering how awful he was in that position against Leicester we could be in for a rough night. Davids and Tainio are both doubtful leaving the door open for Reid to go left with Jenas and Carrick centre. Lennon will go wide right with Keane and Defoe up front once again.

I would say that Brown could slot in but it looks almost certain that he is joining Fulham but won't be allowed to play aginst us tomorrow if the deal goes through.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

NEWS ALERT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Reports today in the Togo National newspapaer are linking us with a suprise move for there star forward. Umgunga Umbonga is said to be delighted at the news and is flying in tomorrow to sign the deal. Hes a great finisher and a good header of the ball . Hope this goes through.....

8:41 PM, January 30, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

all Fulham fans stink of poo. Their stink is everywhere and their women are hound dogs. Chris Coleman is in love with Jose Mourino and they will soon run off together and elope somewhere sooner rather than later. Your women stink off wee will you please give them a wash from now on and make sure their presentable for the game tomorrow night

8:47 PM, January 30, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:52 PM, January 30, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

we dont need no arsene wengers
the dirty paedo in the bushes
oi wenger leave them kids alone

8:54 PM, January 30, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is quite amazing isnt it!

9:29 PM, January 30, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all the injurys we could always recall mendes, davis or pamarot DOH

9:32 PM, January 30, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:38 PM, January 30, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i didnt realise we had so many retarded spurs supporters who can't string 6 words together and when they do its foul language.c'mon lads

9:43 PM, January 30, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as King and Dawson start im never too worried, a major injury to King and i think our season would go arse up. pun intended. Dawson although an amazing player is too young to have someone like Gardener fannying around next to him.

9:51 PM, January 30, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree absolutely,daws is quality and benefits playin alonside ledders.but i thing we miss mido more than we do ledley cos they're is no suitable striker who is good enuf to fill in.with that shitty rasiak are season could fuk up majorly is jol doesnt stop bein a stubborn prik and buy a large striker!!!!!

9:51 PM, January 30, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...










10:33 PM, January 30, 2006

Anonymous dazza jim said...

My team VS Fulham -

Robinson GK
Kelly RB
King CB
Dawson CB
Stalteri LB
Lennon RW
Carrick CM
Jenas CM
El Hamdaoui LW (Brown if not gone!)
Keane CF
Barnard CF
(Needs a start while he's on fire!)


Cerny GK
Jackson, Reid, Charlie Lee or Stuart Lewis (Give youth a chance!!)
Naybet (Should be back now)

Bust a gut lads, we need to keep the pace up - and frankly some of our reserves show more application than our current crop of 'First teamers'

11:40 AM, January 31, 2006

Blogger Fuzzo Yiddo said...

Well all I can say about this game is "bloody typical".
I'm not usually such a defeatist and I'm the one that usually moans about Spurs fans always being so negative, but recently I cannot see us ever scoring. Then we always seem to let in a late goal. That 4th spot is gone. I think in all honesty, we are going to struggle to get a Uefa. We are not good enough and the fact that no striker has been purchased this window to replace Mido shows that we have no intent of pushing for that CL spot at all! We're not scoring, we're not creating clear cut chances and our defenders are falling asleep in stoppage time to often! The funny thing is we are apparently saving our funds for Kuyt or Torres, but there is no way they would join us over Juve, Arsenal, Chelsea etc. if we are only in the Uefa cup when they are all in the CL. Its a shame cos I around christmas time, I really thought it was happening for us. :-(

10:04 PM, January 31, 2006

Blogger EL said...

Where to from here?
The first 'proper' crap league result of the season and one which I'd suggest marks us out as being a team who have definately lost form albeit for the first time this campaign. My eye is set firmly on Big Martin Jol and his ability to rouse the troops. Davids, Tainio, Mido and now Daws out of the frame. I hope I'm just being hysterical but for me this result signals the absolute end of any champions league
dreams. I've in fact been unceremoniously dumped back into my original view for this season of thinking we'll probably scrape into europe.
Our lack of cutting edge is getting embarrassing. The only up side being a decent display from Huddlestone, Gardener and Lennon on the left flank for what they're worth. It's not just the lack of Mido. Keane, Rasiak and Defoe Never looked like scoring against very ordinary opposition. What the fuck's wrong upfront? There's no wit or vision in the box. Torres? Kuyt? Maybe one day but it's all mouth & no trousers just at the minute.

Go on the Spurs!

10:46 PM, January 31, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barnard! Barnard!

2:37 AM, February 01, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are few things we need to work on...

1) Lennon despite his electric pace cannot give the final killer ball.Jenas, Salteri and Lee like wise.We have a lot of possession but too few cutting edge chances

2) We need to moderate our buying and selling; it's unsettling some players; eg. Kelly, Garnder and (I suspect) even Defoe.

3) We need to offload the deadwood; Rasiak for example ASAP.His inability to keep the ball and work as a effective target men is demoralizing to watch; let alone play with.
We are right to offload players which are unhappy and its better to work with a smaller committed squad.

I was one of those rant and complain when nothing happens at the transfer window.I'm slightly happier now with the signing of Murphy.I can actually see what Comolli and Jol is trying to do.Make incremental changes and target very specific players.The De Jongs and W Bridges of this world are good to have but when they start asking silly money or ask to be a auotmatic first choive then maybe we really have to consider again.These guys could unsettle what is a good team spirit.
As for the "trophy" striker,I don't think we are the only one with problem.Look at Liverpool, they try to buy our current reserve Defoe at 12m !
Jol and Co is as anxious as us to find a adequate replacement for Mido.The Kyuts and Torres have many suitors and it is not a question of money.
I think the board may have considered people like Ashton and maybe even A Johnson.But the money used on these players may dry our money in a bidding war for our trophy "striker". It catch-22 really.

9:13 AM, February 01, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was on last week bemoaning the lack of buying a striker and advising that Defoe was off to Liverpool and that Jol was getting stick in the Paxton to which I got dogs abuse. I said then that a lack of a new striker would cost us a CL spot and got told that we only had to play Villa, Fulham and Charlton. Look whats happened now two more pony midfield players just when Huddlestone gets his chance and no striker.

9:22 AM, February 01, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We can take some positives from the Fulham game.
Huddlestone is all we expected him to be.A colossal talent in the making; maybe our very own Roy Keane.
Lennon remind me of Ryan Giggs in the beginning of his career.Electric pace and the same irritating habit of wasting the final ball.He would improve however.
King and Dawson..aggghhhhh...the rest of EPL eat your hearts out.This is the best central defensive pairing of the 20 teams.They are also both English !
Carrick and Jenas continue to dictate games.They now have to improve to find that final killer pass and please....shoot more.
Th downside is guys like Rasiak.Defoe lost of form is also unfortunate.A in form Defoe who have gain us more points

9:27 AM, February 01, 2006

Blogger Rackny said...

These results are typical Spurs. We always do it - normally over the festive period granted - but we always do it. Games that we should win we draw or lose. I know that no team has any god given right to automatically win games but if we have aspirations of any form of Euro football we need to be the Villa's and Fulhams. Charlton will not be easy especially if we do not have Davids and Tainio back. We need the Irons to do us a touch tonight and get something from the Goonshit but we must not forget that Bolton have 3 games in hand on us starting with a visit to a struggling Portsmouth. Come on Harry get that win you need.
If paper reports are correct that Jol turned down late moves from the scousers and the Mancs for Defoe then is he really going to be happy staying on the bench or is Jol going to give him a run now?
We did need to buy a striker in the window. Rasiask is not good enough and we needed quality cover for Mido.
However that is neither here nor there now as it can't happen until the summer.
I really hope that MJ has a plan because it is going to hurt badly if we let the season slip now. After all we have less games to play this season than our euro rivals.

Come on Spurs lets get it together and get back to winning ways this Sunday.

9:58 AM, February 01, 2006

Blogger Rackny said...

i meant beat the villa's and fulhams. Sorry

10:00 AM, February 01, 2006

Anonymous dazza jim said...

Hello, we don't need a REPLACEMENT for Mido - he'll be back fairly soon. In the meantime Barnard needs a chance as he's in top form (17 goals for the reserves) and is tall enough to shield the ball.

I was slapping my head to start with last night at the signing of Murphy, but then you think about it a bit more... he's a goalscoring midfielder... with good passing and movement... who can also play as a 2nd striker. He could easily get us 10 goals with the chances we're making - from midfield.

Now all that we need to do is find a decent winger from the reserves to give Lennon some back up, as Reid is injured, and we are obviously good enough to loan our deputy wingers like Zeigler and Routledge and El Hamdaoui out to other teams!?

So I suppose we have to use either Lee Young-Pyo or Jackson ... or dig deeper into the reserves... for now.

On the plus side, Huddlestone looked classy - give him more games! Once Davids, Naybet and Mido are all back...and Tainio we'll still be on course for the top 6... which is still rapid progression, lets get it in perspective folks.
Can't afford many more slip-ups like last night though, however. Then again, we never deserved to lose - had a penalty that was not given, and would normally have put away at least 2 of the other chances we had!

The game Vs Charlton will tell us a lot - as we should have a few people back, and some others will have slightly wounded pride...

10:02 AM, February 01, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Murphy is very underrated.Judging from the responses on his arrival at WHL.
Guys, we got a player who probably have top of the class in the number of assist for goalscoring in the EPL !
People talk about the class of Alonso, but if you compare the statistics, I'm sure Murphy would have a better record.
Our problem has been the final ball to the forwards,judging from the number of chances Murphy creates for Charlton (M. Bent in particular).I think we have one of the coup of the transfer window.

10:20 AM, February 01, 2006

Blogger Rackny said...

Murphy is a good player but he hasn't played for Charlton since January 2nd. 3 league goals in 17 appearances this season and only 6 in all his 54 games for Charlton. Is he really a free scoring midfielder???
However he has been involved with the England set up before so hopefully he can get that form back. Listening to him on Sky he seems enthusiastic enough. Does anyone know if he can play against Charlton on Sunday??

11:02 AM, February 01, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:30 PM, February 01, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:30 PM, February 01, 2006

Blogger Fuzzo Yiddo said...

I think the only thing we can get solace from is that the Goons are more inconsistent than us this season. How long will that last though? We are missing Mido and I admit that. Rasiak is just not good enough for us. I am so ashamed of how we are treating Defoe. IMO he is our future, not Keane or Rasiak. I like Keano a lot as a player but he's not scoring, or making chances so why is he playing instead of Defoe? We all know what Defoe can do and how he has bags of talent. I dont blame him for wanting to leave us now and that is a shame. He has lost match fitness due to not playing so when he does play, he is below par. Then he gets benched again. Things must change. Defoe needs to be playing, and if we lose him it is one giant step in the wrong direction. Rasiak is a reserve team player for us, more than Barnard!

I am quite pleased about Murphy signing now. I think he is a good person for Jenas to work with. I know I wasnt too convinced by him last night but I reckon he might prove me wrong. Against Charlton the team should be (I hope):

Robinson, Stalteri, Gardener, King, Lee, Lennon, Murphy, Carrick, Davids, Defoe, Keane. SUBS: Cerny, Huddlestone, Kelly, Jenas, Barnard.

BUT, I will bet any money it will look like this:

Robinson, Stalteri, Gardener, King, Lee, Jenas, Murphy, Carrick, Davids, Rasiak, Keane. SUBS: Cerny, Huddlestone, Lennon, Kelly, Defoe.

Our two best players will be on the bench... Defoe and Lennon. Why does Jol keep subbing Lennon too when he causes the most trouble for us upfront? Tainio is hugely missed too.

3:45 PM, February 01, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keane is getting more influential in recent games. However the problem seems that no one can connect in the box since he was playing more of a playmaker role. Being one of the best finishers in the game, Defoe should be able to produce killer touch with Keane being the likely provider. The pair should be able to work well if Defoe regains his form. Meanwhile, Barnard should be called on, not Rasiak. The latter has been given enough chances. I'm sorry but imo Rasiak does not earn a place in the team. Chances should be given to Defoe from now onwards to regain his form.

4:35 PM, February 01, 2006

Blogger Fuzzo Yiddo said...

I agree with the above comment, except I do not really feel Keane is doing that playmaker role very well. He pushes too wide and loses the ball cos he plays better in a central playmaker position. Our midfield is so full with central players, the centre of the park is too claustrophobic so there is no room to do anything. Thats why we usually play better when Tainio, Davids and Lennon play as they are fine with staying wider when they are in that position. We play too narrow and for some odd reason we now have an inability to not play long balls even when its Defoe and Keane upfront. We need to adjust our game to accomodate not having Mido, which we are not doing. We need to play more direct, play to feet (like I know we can do well) but push everyone on. Then we can feed in Defoe/ Barnard/ Keane. I think having Murphy will help this cos he is a good attacking midfielder and has a good final ball, but if we play too narrow (like we do a lot at the moment) we can kiss goal opportunities goodbye.

5:58 PM, February 01, 2006

Anonymous Park Lane Green Beret said...

I'm gonna smuggle my ak-47 assault rifle in to The Lane on Sunday and if i happen to see anything that resembles that toothless plankman sorry ass '2nd touch is a sliding tackle' motherfucker of a bean pole Rasiak i'm gonna load up and let rip.

And in the sorry, and hopefully unlikely event of Mr.Concrete boots wooden mallet man 'couldn't trap a bag of wet cement' Rasiak showing his sorry ass i will allow for him to start off by using Fatboy Reid as a temporary body sheild so i can find my range first being puting the biggest pile of shyte i have ever seen in the famous lilywhites shirt out of his (and mine) ((and every Spurs fan)) misery.

....oh yeah, COYS!

8:12 PM, February 01, 2006

Anonymous LeeHarveyOswaldsGotNothingOnMe said...

Can you believe that motherfucker is keeping Jermain Defoe on the bench?

Sunday i'm going to sneek in, up my sleeve, my marksmens rifle and tip-toe my way past security up to my pre-prepared hideout in the floodlights, keeping 'look out' for target No1 - Woodman

When i have him in my sights i will shot him inbetween the eyes.

....nothing personal!

Up The Spurs!!

8:26 PM, February 01, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

ARSEnal lose again !!

Sol Campbell has a nightmare
2 ex-Spurs players score


10:12 PM, February 01, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

While Rasiak is in a Spurs shirt and hasn't been sold I wish him all the best and hope his form picks up.

Prove us wrong Woody and put one in against charlton.

Come on you Rasiak!

10:41 PM, February 01, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arse*** are worse than we are, all is not lost.


10:45 PM, February 01, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anyone confirm the home game against Wigan is now on sunday the 19th of Feb???

10:51 PM, February 01, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry mate I'm getting the 18th and 25th.

11:00 PM, February 01, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets be realistic my fellow Yiddo's and remember these are my opinions, so dont take offence guys. We are going in the right direction but have been punching above our weight at fourth as we still have a young squad that is developing and learning well. When we get through this period where injuries and suspensions, personal reasons, African cups etc are stopping us fielding our near strongest line ups each week with regular formations, we will string another run together i am sure to secure europen football in 6th place behind Arsenal and Bolton. (It will be close, but the Goons have great movement and still have Henry who is simply stunning and Bolton are a more consistent settled squad)

The current squad players that will take us into the top four positions based on their performances/potential for spurs so far are:

Robinson (back to his best), Stalteri (solid & dependable defender, practice crosses), King (will partner Terry for England very soon above the others), Dawson (awesome potential), Noodles (great, but practice crossing and agression in tackling), Jenas, Carrick, Davids, Tainio, Lennon (potential to be our BEST player, keep practicing crosses) , Mido (needs more crosses on that wonderful head of his from wide, only 22 will be great for spurs).

The players that have potential but the jury is out are:
Defoe (if MJ can teach him how to play a team game rather than an isolated selfish instinctive game he has all the tools to be a world class player, if he will listen. show him Henry videos)
Huddlestone (great debut - i think he will replace carrick as holding player eventually, very strong presence!)
Murphy - Can play the killer defense splitting pass in an advanced position, the only other midfieler we have capable of this is Tainio (Davids is starting to as well to be fair).
Not seen new Egyptian guy, i am suprised he was signed unless MJ sees potential to be better than our current midfielders. Maybe thru Mido and Comolli this went thru

Squad players to try to keep for cover/development of potential for future are:
Keane (keep working on first touch), Cerny, Barnard (squad against Charlton please MJ), El-Hamidou (looks a talent), Routledge (needs games, loan wise move), Reid (lose weight and get sharp or forget plaing in EPL).

I hate seeing Rasiak and Gardner playing for Spurs now. We are much better than this standard of player. I hope we do not see them in the new Puma shirt or we will never break into the top four. I think they would struggle to hold down a first team place in any EPL team, so WHY are they still at WHL when getting rid of Mendes, Pamarot, Davis etc! Maybe no-one wants them...

The rest are average and need to be kept in reserves until replaced with players with more potential and pace to compliment the first teamers.


11:02 PM, February 01, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't believe we have been "punching above our weight"..............simply progressing likewe should be doing with maybe afew lost points here and there...............but we are where we are on merit and if the teams around us had better formas expected then we would probably be about lets just try and pick and play good winning football and secure our place in europe, hopefully Champions League?


11:13 PM, February 01, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wigan game is Sun 19th Feb

11:15 PM, February 01, 2006


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