"It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory." Bill Nicholson. SPURS


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Goons spotted in The Park pub.

In the build up to the north London derby scum fans have been spotted by eagle eyed cleaners in The Park pub. In other scum watching news season ticket holders in the "yellow quadrant" at the immigrants stadium have been told to keep the noise down as they talk too loudly. (Daily Mail) Expect the usual limp atmosphere from the home support on Saturday. COYS!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Recent going ons.

Sorry for the lack of any real posts in the last few days - I have a new bathroom being fitted and have had to move to the mother in laws so it has been busy.

By all accounts the performance of the team in Germany was good but we should have scored 2 or 3 more goals and put the game to bed but nevertheless we won and now have qualified for the last 32 of the UEFA cup. Considering we had a tough group we have done very well and we should all now turn up against Dynamo to ensure we win the group and get someone who finished third in there group. It also means we avoid the Champions League teams. Why they drop down to the UEFA when they have been eliminated from the CL is anyones guess (money) but really they should just fuck off and be out of Europe full stop.

No new injuries were picked up so I expect the same side in Germany to walk out to face Wigan although Jol may well mess with the strikers again. According to fans who saw Jol at the airport he was less than impressed with Mido and even less impressed with Defoe recently and that will add fuel to the fire from reliable sources on FTL and COYS that Defoe will be jogged on in January with Villa still sniffing around.

Apparently Liverpool are also sniffing around Dawson - I hop we make it clear that they can get stuffed.


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Three off as Spurs take a point

Phil Dowd was the star of the show as Blackburn and Spurs cancelled each other out and took a point each. Still no open play goal from Spurs on the road though.

In the first half I thought Spurs were the better side but that wasn't saying too much. Blackburn took the lead through a wonderful Tugay strike but never really threatened apart from that. We attacked resonably well but the final ball was always lacking and Mido's shooting was absymal. In the second half Phil Dowd took control of the game by awarding a penalty for a Tugay trip of Ghaly. It was a penalty but then Dowd flashed the red card which was a poor decision to say the least. Defoe took the penalty well and it was then all set up for Spurs to push on. I was annoyed we didn't make the ten man advantage count once again and we actually allowed Blackburn to pressure us and they looked more likely to score at the end. Dowd decided to put himself in the lime light again for sending off Ghaly in stoppage time as he jumped with his arms in the air. Joke. Try jumping without using your arms. He did lead with it but had turned his back by the time he and the Blackburn player clashed. The ref produced the red card and was told by Jol that he had got it wrong so he sent Jol to the stands as well. What Jol should have said was that Dowd was a fucking useles piece of shit who had made wrong decision after wrong decisions all game for Spurs and Blackburn! Both teams should make a complaint about this incompetent fool.

I suppose the point was a fair result to both teams but Hughes had his special brand of "Arsene Wenger" glasses on when he claimed it was never a penalty and Blackburn should have won easily. Twat.


Saturday, November 18, 2006

Blackburn Vs. Tottenham Hotspur

Last week was supposed to see the return of winning ways away from White Hart Lane and it started well but we then managed to push the self destruct button and then keep thumping it harder and harder and harder until the damn thing was smashed to pieces! Hopefully we have not gotten around to fixing the red button that Spurs have been hitting for the last 15 years. Things are still not too late to fix and a win tomorrow would put us back into the top half of the table and see us back on course towards challaneging for a top 5 finish. Another defeat sees us continue to drop off the pace. Seven away wins, coupled with our home form would see us top six so we have to start getting them now.

Blackburn have plenty of injuries to worry about but will fight for every ball and I'm not sure how we shall stand up to that considering recent away form. With JJ injured I think Davids should take his place. Often criticised for his poor play out on the left I have more often than not come away from games when Davids has played central thinking that he still is a class player. With JJ injured he can slot in next to Zokora to defend the back four after last weeks shambolic defending. Lennon looks likely to miss out so Ghaly can go on the right. To add a bit more creativity into the middle Murphy may go wide left or Tainio could be recalled. Berbatov is still a class act but the lack of service to him last week was pathetic and he can hardly be blamed for that. However, maybe the more physical Mido could be recalled to line up alongside Keane. I think Keane will start ahead of Defoe again as he offers Jol more options being able to drop deep and play in a five man midfeild if need be. The defnece continues to pick itself although the thought of Lee at right back does not fill me with confidence after the poor show last week.

Form book says Balckburn win but poor runs have to come to an end at some point. What better way to move up the table by going to Blackburn and beating them. Jol has been talking tough this week about the side being more physical and determined. Let's hope they have been listening!


Sunday, November 12, 2006


I could think of more words to describe our performance today but I don't want a ban from News Now! Quite frankly, the perfromance, especially in the second half was appalling. Absolutly dreadful. In fact, fucking crap!

We started ok, created a few chances but even when we had Reading under pressure individuals were still making too many mistakes. Ghaly misplaced 5 passes in the first 10 minutes and generally looked shite all game. However he did win the penalty for Keane to finish. We then tried to push on and could have had a couple more but the failure to close down Reading's left back allowed him to take a long shot into Robinson's far corner. Once again he was beaten there - I have only seen it live once so I cannot say for sure if it was an error on his part but long shots do seem to be our undoing at the moment.

The second goal was a joke. The marking was pathetic and the whole of the defensive unit was unorganised. From controlling the game to being behind in about 10 minutes! We never recovered.

In the second half the performance just fell apart. We never looked like scoring until it was too late. Ghaly got worse, Lennon was unable to make any inroads, Berbatov had to keep dropping deeper and deeper as we were unable to break down a well organised back four. Jenas did not look too bad but he did not look too good either although I felt he gave a shit, unlike some of the other players in a Spurs shirt. Keane kept turning into trouble while Zokora was subbed for not doing much wrong. Benny boy looked out of his depth even though he was great last week and Lee was all over the place.

Once again, Spurs failed to capatlise on our good work last week. The away record is dismal with two goals, one from the spot and one an own goal. We have not scored in open play away from home in the league this season and that will kill our season dead if it continues. Our home form is good, our european form is excellent but away from home we get turned over by the shit. Having now played two of the promoted teams away from home we have taken 1 solitary point from them. It should be six and we have blown a great chance to push on up the table to where we should be. it needs sorting out and it needs sorting our fast. We must win at Blackburn or a top five finish will seem more remote than ever.

Live from Reading

Same team as against via chavs except Lee is in for Chimbonda.

Team news

According to well placed sources around the forums (FTL and COYS) the team is very similar to the one that beat Chelsea. Chimbonda is injured so Lee will come in at right back with the usual suspects along the rest of the back four. Jenas and Zokora take the middle positions with Lennon and Ghaly as wide men. In recent games they have swapped position to good effect and I expect that to happen again. Up top is Berbatov and Keane, meaning Defoe sits on the bench again.

After last weekends return to normal service, where the chavs were beaten, it is important we push on. A win here puts up top six or so and means the run of form we are getting into is starting to pay dividends after a poor start. A defeat just won't do as it will leave us languishing in mid table and we would have thrown away another chance of making up lost ground. We need to be at the shit or it will cost us in May.

Other news means we have a fantastic cup draw - Southend at home while the scum have to travel away to pool and the chavs go to the geordies. I know what results I want from those two games.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Spurs beat Chelsea

It's so easy, It's so easy, It's so easy at the Lane!
It's so easy, It's so easy, It's so easy at the Lane!
It's so easy, It's so easy, It's so easy at the Lane!
It's so easy, It's so easy, It's so easy at the Lane!
It's so easy, It's so easy, It's so easy at the Lane!

Well Chelsea, stick that where the sun don't shine. Spurs were simply brilliant today and fully deserved our win and the chavs just showed why they are one of the most detested teams in the country with people diving left right and centre conning the ref. Also, when decision did go their way they would surround the ref trying to get him to book players. Disgraceful attitude.

The first 20 minutes mind Chelsea did play well but Makellele will never score a goal like that again! They always seem to get a bit lucky. They then turned the screw and we looked in trouble but we then did something we don't do very often and score from a set piece. Hilarious in goal didn't do too well as Dawson flicked the ball into the net. 1-1 and then Spurs really started to get into the game. We attacked well and started to get the ball into wide areas and Keane should have scored when Lennon put a great ball across.

In the second half Keane had dropped over on to the left wing to make it a five man midfield and he was brilliant. His work rate was supurb and he was clearly man of the match after he bamboozled Boulahrouz to put in a cross for Lennon's goal. The ball was deflected but Lennon was brilliant taking the ball and switching it to his left and fooling Cashley Cole in the process. The finish was excellent as well. Chelsea then became increasingly despearte with some dodgy challenges which earned more yellow cards. Terry was then dismissed for a second booking - it looks like he said something to King and the reaction of the players suggest it could have been a racisit comment. Terry has past form in this area and nothing would surpise me but innocnet until proven guilty, right?

Chelsea still had time to hit the post but we had further chances and thorughly deserved our win.

Also, Wenger was at it again trying to have a fight with Pardew this week. He then refused to shake his hand. Maybe he didn't see it.

Ha ha, COYS!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Spurs in europe.

Keane is preferred to Defoe and Zokora returns. COYS!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Spurs vs. Club Brugge

Reliable sources appear to suggest a return to Berbatov and Defoe after another away game where we could not find the net. Dropping points early on is not the end of the world as there is plenty of time for them to be made up but as the season progresses the gap where we currently are and where we want to be (5th or higher) becomes ever wider and the failure to beat rubbish like Watford will come back to haunt us like it did last season when the scum pipped us to the post when really they should not have been anywhere near us.

Anyhow, like I said, Berbs and Defoe upfront against a good Club Brugge side who got a good draw out in Germany last time around. A win here for Spurs would almost certainly guarantee qualification for the next stage and a victory has to be the prority tomorrow. Zokora has recovered from maleria but I think his come back will be held over for the visit of the evil Russian empire on Sunday. It sounds like Davids will be in alongside Jenas. Lennon will likely be wide right and Murphy on the left. The defence picks itself.

Lets hope Jol is starting to learn his lesson on striker rotation. He got away with it generally last season but it is not paying off now. Defoe looks like he is more interested, scores 2 against Milton Keynes and then is dropped for Keane. Strikers need games and I hope he sticks with the same pairing for the next few weeks so they can build an understanding. If that means pissing off Mido and Keane then so be it.

See you tommorrow, and once again thanks to FTL.