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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Spurs thrash Bolton.

Spurs thrashed Bolton with two very different performances thanks to the the incompetent Poll causing chaos once again. Never content to see us do well after the Chelsea media spin earlier in the season he now looks to do one over on us. Some breathtaking football saw us lead 3-0 in next to no time and Bolton were dead and buried so Poll evened things up by dismissing Robbie Keane for a deliberate handball stopping a goal. Speed scored the resulting penalty and we faced 65 minutes or so of Bolton style football with ten men.

What was important was the fact we went in with a two goal cushion. This allowed Jol to organise the troops into two banks of four defending as a team with Berbatov alone up front looking to hold up the ball so Lennon, Jenas and Tainio could support. It worked very well and Bolton resulted to launching balls to the back post, which we did not always defend too well but Robinson, Zokora and in particular Dawson kept them at bay. Berbatov was absolutly fantastic in holding the ball up while the midfield supported well. Jol make a good change with the tiring Tainio coming off for Steed who was able to take the pressure off the back four with his forward running with the ball and he set up the fourth goal of the afternoon. Zokora showed again why we paid £8 million for him and Dawson was immense.

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  • Tuesday, February 20, 2007

    Download Fulham Vs Spurs goals.

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  • Monday, February 19, 2007

    FA Cup win and draw

    Spurs produced their best away performance of the season to stuff Fulham 4-0 yesterday with Keane scoring two fantastic volleys and Berbatov adding two from the bench, his second a great goal. Keane flicked it on for Berbatov to casually chip into the top corner. The guy has class and he showed it in a fantastic 20 minutes yesterday.

    The performance of the whole team was very different to the recent displays put out by the Spurs and was a welcome boost. The Jol out mob were getting more vocal although it has yet to be heard at the grounds where 90% of the fans are still well and truly behind the big man. The rumors that he had lost the dressing room seem a joke as well with a great team performance put out. Zokora played well with Tainio, Malbranque protected Lee throughout the match and Mido was involved with two assists.

    Our luck never continues though as we have been drawn away to Chelsea in the next round but if you are going to win the cup you have to beat the best teams. We have aready beat them once this season and have only lost one away game all season in the cups so why not.

    In preperation for our game Chelsea have launched a compaign to lift the deathly atmosphere at The Bridge. Only beaten by The Library MkII for silence the Chavs are clearly worried so have come up with this ingenious plan:

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    I don't think I need to pass any further comment.


  • Saturday, February 10, 2007

    Jol needs to stay.

    I have read the posts on here for months, especially the ones from PARK LEN WHO HAS BEEN SHOUTING JOL OUT! for some months now. And a few wind up scum fans who come on here agree with him but sacking Jol now or at the end of the season would be a mistake.

    We know that this season has not gone quite to plan although today's game at Sheffield United was our 40th match, the same amount of games we played all of last season. But this run of 8 games since Christmas is Jol's first real poor run since he has been the boss. Yes, we have given up leads in the last minute and the football has sometimes been dull but the results had always been going geneally in our direction.

    We must also look at what Jol has so far done for the club. A top five finish, European football via the league, around the sixth best Spurs manager ever based on points per game, semi final of the Carling Cup and unbeaten in Europe with a last 16 game to look forward to. These things show Jol has the ability to win matches and win them well. This things should mean that Jol has at least another season to get it right.

    In the past we have always been too quick to sack managers and has led to us under achieveing as a club for years. The record shows that the most succssful clubs in England are the clubs with the managers who stick around and are given time. Bolton could easily have sacked Fat Sam when they skirted with relegation for a few years and now they are looking at a European place. Wet Spam were too quick in sacking Roder and saw them relegated and do not seem to have learnt their lesson when they sacked Pardew earlier int he season. Charlton look like they will rue the day Dowie was shown the door and who can remember the embarrasing 8 month wait for a manger when we parted company with Hoddle? No, knee jerk reactions are not the answer.

    Jol needs further time to continue building. Injuries to key players such as Berbatov, King, Jenas and the poor form of Robinson have not helped either but a brand new broom will mean another revolution has to start and be given further time to bed in their ideas. I know the Director of Football thing is supposed to circumnavigate these problems but I just don't see it like that, especially when we have Comolli buying people Jol does not want and making fantastic comments at the AGM along the lines of "We are all obsessed with a left winger" and he feels we don't need one!

    The football of late has been piss poor and needs to turn around but Jol deserves the time to do this. Sacking him now will take us back at least two years.


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    Live from Sheffield.

    Jol makes changes as we look for maximum points away from home today. Defoe is dropped with Robbie Keane partnering Berbatov. Lennon does not play and nor does Huddlestone. Jenas is in the middle with Zokora. Rocha plays with Dawson. COYS!

    Sol spotted on train to Sheffield.

    Lets hope for a second away win of the season. Defeat would see Sheffield move to within 3 points of spurs. Defeat would almost guarantee a finish outside of the top 5. COYS!

    Saturday, February 03, 2007

    Berbatov returns

    And thank goodness as well. Our £10.9million striker is match fit again and is ready to take his palce alongside Defoe for the visit of Manure. Although he has only been here since August he is now a key, key player in our team. Without him we seem to be able to create next to nothing and his link up play and creativity is now so important to the team that we cannot do without him. While this shows what a good player he is it also shows Comolli and Levy's inability to back up his excellent signing with someone similar to run the midfield. We currently have Zokora, who still blows hot and cold, JJ who can be brilliant and then invisable and Huddlestone who still needs time before he can be called the finished article.

    And thus our reliance on Berbatov is becoming a problem as we all saw against the scum on Wednesday. Mido's header was our first shot on target and it came with 5 minutes to go before the end of normal time.

    Berbatov also shows that if you pay top money you get a top player. Pissing around with 3 million here and 3 million there often will buy you a player that is probably no better than what you currently have. Rocha could be a prime example fo this. His mistake ultimatly cost us the goal that had has beat in the semi final. I know it was only his second game and he needs more time but more often than not we have been after a top quality player but have settled for the cheaper option no one has ever heard of but we are assured he is good. What the club fail to realise is when we go out and buy 4 £3 million players as each one can't hack it we may as well have spent the big money in the first place.

    Anyway, only King is missing tomorrow. We can beat Chavski so why not Manure.

    Believe. COYS!