"It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory." Bill Nicholson. SPURS


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Peace Cup on Eurosport.

Peace Cup information has been published on the official site with details of TV Schedules.

Group A:
PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands): 2005 winner of the Dutch league, semi-finalist of the 2005 UEFA Champions League
Lyon (France): 2005 winner of the French League, quarter-finalist of the 2005 UEFA Champions League (defeated by PSV Eindhoven)
Once Caldas (Colombia): 2005 winner of the Colombian league
Seongnam Ilhwa (Korea): 2005 winner of the Korean league

Group B:
Tottenham Hotspur
Real Sociedad (Spain)
Boca Juniors (Argentina): The most famous Argentinean club along with River Plate. Former club of Diego Maradona. They have won 5 Libertadores Cups, and 3 Intercontinental Cups.
Sundowns FC (South Africa): 3rd in the 2005 South African League

The tournament will be played in the stadiums of the 2002 World Cup. The title holders are PSV Eindhoven, winners in 2003.

July 16th
British Eurosport: Spurs v Boca Juniors Live 11.00 — 13.00 with highlights at 19.30
Highlights Sundown v Real Sociedad 18.30-19.30

Eurosport 2: Sundown v Real Sociedad Live 11.00-13.00 with highlights at 17.00

July 17th
Eurosport 2: Lyon v Seongnam Live 12.00-13.00
Highlights PSV Eindhoven v Once Caldas 13.00-14.15 and 18.00-17.00

July 18th
British Eurosport: Spurs v Sundowns Live 11.00-13.00 with highlights at 21.00

Eurosport 2: Boca Juniors v Real Sociedad Live 11.00-13.00 with highlights at 21.00

July 19th
British Eurosport: Highlights Boca Juniors v Real Sociedad 11.00-12.00

Eurosport 2: Highlights Spurs v Sundown 21.00-22.00

July 20th
Eurosport 2: Seongnam v Once Caldas Live 1.00-13.00

Highlights PSV Eindhoven v Lyon 16.00-16.55

July 21st
British Eurosport: Spurs v Real Sociedad 11.00-13.00 Live with highlights at 18.00

Eurosport 2: Boca Juniors v Sundown Live 11.00-13.00

Highlights Spurs v Real Sociedad 16.00-16.55

July 22
Eurosport 2: Highlights Spurs v Real Sociedad at 14.00

Highlights Boca Juniors v Sundown at 15.00 and 21.00

July 24th
Eurosport 2: Final Live 11.00-13.00 with highlights at 21.00

British Eurosport: Highlights 20.45-22.00

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Why Spurs were right.

In my previous post I mentioned that I thought the whole process was a farce. I wish to clarify my comments. What Spurs got out of it was the best deal in the interests of the club. What was farcical was the "cloak and dagger" nature of it all that arises suspicious of who got what from the deal. Reading around the net, ITKs and papers it appears that Spurs did quite well out of it in the end with us receiving around £5 million for Frank Arnesen. Considering he is a man who wanted to leave it is not a bad bit of business. He was never going to work for the club again so we had to maximizee the potential for us. It is also believed that Chelsea have agreed to a deal that they cannot sign anyone from Spurs for the next two years along with Arnesen not being able to begin his work until September 1st. This protectss our interests and our present transfer policies from being interfered with by the Mafia. This is the likely reason for a confidentiality clause to save face for Chelsea. Also whatever figure we do receive will probably be never enough for some people so they want to keep it quiet.

Now I have also noticed that some supporters of other teams are not to happy as I expect they were rubbing their hands together at the thought of Chelsea losing points as this is probably the only way they can get near the title next year. Maybe Spurs should have taken the moral high ground but really this falls with the FA. We had to make the best of this deal and a 6 point deduction for Chelsea wouldn't have affected us too much to be honest. However it is there in the FA rules that they can investigate any matter they wish regardless of whether a club complains or not. This smoke screen put up by the FA saying that they could not act without us complaining was rubbish and was used by the FA to hide behind.

It is not up too a club to govern the laws of the land. We should uphold them but the actual enforcing of the laws should be down to the governing body - The FA. It is the FA who are weak and afraid of Chelsea in what in my opinion would be an open and shut case. The other Premiership clubs should be annoyed with the FA, not Spurs, as they can act without us making a complaint. They have chosen not to.

Also, with regard to Chelsea fans who claim their club is pure and innocent should consider this. If Cheslea were so sure of their innocence they would of happily gone to a FA tribunal and told us to sod off. The Mafia flying back from his holiday for emergency talks and offering us a substantial cash amount to stop us reporting them just goes to show how likely it was they would have been found guiltyy.

If the FA want to stop this happening again they need to use their own rules to investigate this matter further. However it is unlikely they ever will as they are weak.


Friday, June 24, 2005

Agreement with Chelsea reached.

[London, Friday 24 June 2005] Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and Chelsea Football Club today announced that they have reached agreement in principle regarding Frank Arnesen. Formal documentation is to be signed by 30 June 2005.

The terms are confidential and will not be disclosed.


The above statement is all we are to receive apparently. What a complete farce that the fans are not informed about what has been agreed. It obviously involves no players and must be a cash settlement.

However the Telegraph claims the figure is between £6 million and £10 million pounds which could increase further probably due to the performance of Chelsea on the pitch. I also hope there is a clause that the Mafia can't come near any of our players in the future.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Official Fixtures released.

Well it appears that the leaked fixtures were completely wrong with regard to Spurs who actually play West Ham, at Upton Park, on the last day of the season, not the first. With any luck Defoe and Carrick will relegate them.

We start with an away trip to Portsmouth with the first home game against Middlesborough. We then travel north to Blackburn before two home games against The Russian Mafia and Liverpool after that. We play the scum at home at the end of October. Other notable fixtures include West Ham at home on November 19th and Manchester United at home on April 17th.

The start is pretty tricky but should give us an early indication of the type of season we will have assuming we only have one manager for once. Over the time Jol was the boss Spurs would have finished fourth so that is a promising sign. However the away form fell apart after Boxing Day and we will have to score more goals if we are to improve on 9th next season. If Spurs are making progress I would expect us to enjoy an opening day victory against Portsmouth, who will struggle in my opinion this year, before taking maximum points against our European challengers 'Boro. Blackburn away should also be three points but as it Spurs you never can tell!


In other news Frank "I'm a Qunt" Arnesen was spotted having lunch with the Mafia on his boat. Hope it sinks.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Leaked fixtures?

Rumors and emails flying around the web recently are strongly suggesting that our first game of the season will be away at the Canning Town Social and Bingo club AKA West Ham. This is not the ideal starting fixture as the promoted teams tend to get off to a reasonable start before tailing off and struggling. They will also be "up for it" as they don't seem to like us - must be jealous we got Defoe, Carrick and Kanoute while they got Etherington. What may make a win easier is Tomas Repka, one of the reasons the Spammers were relegated in the first place, will sign a new two year deal.

The other rumor is that we could face Birmingham away - a better staring fixture than against The Spammers.

Of course it could all be rubbish. We will see tomorrow.


Monday, June 20, 2005

Club finally release kit pictures

The club have finally released the official pics. We have seen good quality shots of the home kit but not the away until today:

It looks better than it did in the leaked pictures but I'm still not sure about it.

Anyhow this is the best bit about the press release:

We conducted important research earlier this year regarding replica kits and these new designs have been a result of feedback from our supporters and input from the players.

This is an interesting comment - on Glory Glory, From the Lane and on here we can see that 90% aren't too keen. I'm not sure who they asked but they were probably blind and supported Arsenal - maybe a bit harsh as the home one has grown on me but it does not follow the Spurs tradition and most supporters are definitely not keen on the all blue sleeves and side panels.

Anyhow, its the team, not the kit that counts.


Saturday, June 18, 2005

New Home Kit - Official Pictures. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 17, 2005

Routledge to sign.

Crystal Palace want away Wayne Routledge is finally coming to Spurs in what has to be a very long, drawn out affair. The fee has not been disclosed but I reckon it's about £2 million.

He is obviously Simon Davies replacement. If we get £4 million for Davies then it looks pretty good business as Routledge can actually beat a man. Also playing in a good team as opposed to a shit one (who took four points off us mind) should improve his game. However I wasn't too impressed when I saw him last season. A Palace season ticket holder who I work with has also said she is actually pleased to see the back of him after a Etherington style attack on the crowd. The jury is out on this bit of summer business for me.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

New Kit pictures leaked - Grim. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 10, 2005

Gooner idiot up for eviction

Think the number is 09016 16 16 08


It will be "of the hook!"


Monday, June 06, 2005

Why we should go to the FA.

According to the latest press reports the Russian mafia and ourselves are still in discussions over a compensation package for Arseholsen as he has made it very clear that he is off to Chelsea. If we do accept compensation from them then we will not be able to launch an offical complaint to the FA. This would then allow Arnesen to go to Chelsea immediatly with all the details of what is going on at Spurs.


The other route is to go to the FA. They would inevitably punish Chelsea but that would gain us very little. However Arnesen would be forced to serve his notice as "Garden Leave". Assuming the board were not stupid enough to give him a 1 month notice period it would mean that when Frank did eventually join the Mafia then he wuld have less information on what is happening at Spurs and the sorts of contracts our best players are on.

I would prefer to see Spurs send every last ounce of information to the FA as soon as possible as we have a duty to discourage the Russians from thinking they can get away with murder. However the compensation on offer may be too tempting to resist. Latest rumours flying around are cash and a player - maybe Parker or Carlton Cole. Another one mentioned is Glen Johnson. However with Kelly and Ifil around it would seem a stupid move to sign a right back no better than we already have.


Robinson ready to sign.

From the offical site:

Paul Robinson was back at Spurs Lodge for treatment this afternoon and revealed the news all Spurs fans want to hear — he’s set to sign a new long-term contract.


The England international goalkeeper popped into the training ground to work on the knee injury that ruled him out for the last couple of games of last season.

While he acknowledged disappointment about Frank Arnesen’s suspension, Paul had the following to say: “Frank’s good at dealing with players, bringing players in and helping to build the squad and then it has been Martin Jol who has got us to where we are now on the pitch.

“Martin’s a great coach, a very strong man and a very strong character. He and Chris Hughton make a good team and you’ve seen the results this season. It’s been a positive season for us.

“In football clubs you see individuals come and go but we have to move on. As players, we have to get on with our jobs and that’s to go out and win as many games as possible.”

Robbo then revealed the latest on his new deal. “I’ve been in negotiations for a few weeks with the Chairman and we’re just about there.

“It’s a long-term contract that will keep me here for a few years. It’s a commitment but one I’m happy to do and something I’ve looked to do since the chairman first spoke to me about signing a new deal.

“There has never been any doubt on my part that this is where I want to be. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first year here and I hope to have many more.

“The fans can see that I care and I want to win. When I joined it was all about going to a club that wanted me, a club I wanted to go to to achieve things and prove things to people.

“The Chairman showed his commitment to me by signing me in the first place and by signing this new deal I’m repaying that faith.

“If we continue what we started last year we’ll be going places — it’s up to us to do that now. We’ve given everyone hope but we can’t rest on our laurels, we have to work even harder next season.”

This is fantastic news all round as, in my opinion, is one of if not the best keepers in the Premiership.

One word:

LOYALTY! Nuff said.


Sunday, June 05, 2005

Some good news at last!

But not for Fulham!

Manchester United have snapped up 34 year old Edwin Van de Sar for an undisclosed fee. Tim Howard has also signed a new contract until 2009 which should mean that they should stop sniffing around Paul Robinson.


Spurs miss out on UEFA Place.


Breaking news - Spurs have missed out on a UEFA place through the fair play places. More to follow.

A Danish club - as yet unknown as their season has not finished - and German side Mainz were chosen to take part.

Let's hope all our bad luck has happened in the last 24 hours and we get a bit lucky next season. We deserve it after the Manchester United debacle, Arnesen and now this.

Keep the faith,


Jol's Rallying Call

Martin Jol has made a rallying call to the Spurs faithful insisting he is looking forward to the start of the new season.

He told the official site:

"“Of course the news about Frank Arnesen is a big disappointment, but I want to reassure fans that there is a lot to anticipate and we already have our plans in place for this season.

"“We finished last season on an optimistic note and I am determined that we stay that way," says Martin.

"The teamwork here is such a big feature at Spurs and that impressed me from day one.

"We move on and I'm really looking forward to seeing you all again at the Lane at the start of the new season."”

This is great news and something all Spurs fans wanted to hear. Whether he is appointed manager or stays as head coach under a new director of football is unclear but the fact that he is staying put should put the players and fans at ease. It is also pleasing to see that Arnesen's greedy defection to the Russian cheats should not affect our summer transer plans.

David Pleat has also weighed into the argument calling Frank Arnesen disloyal to Tottenham and only interested in his wallet. No disagreement from me on that one.

In other news "The People" claim that Atouba, Kanoute and Mido will all be given heafty fines after refusing to go on the end of season tour to Mauritius. Mido is apparently going back to Roma. Good news all round then as this will mean that Robbie Keane has a good chance of staying with Spurs.

Keep the faith lads, Arnesen is just one man. If he doesn't want to be at Spurs then we don't want him.


Saturday, June 04, 2005

Appoint Jol Manager

Frank Arnesen is gone. I wish you all the bad luck in the world. As usual many thousands of Spurs fans have been let down by a lying Judas who is only interested in his wallet. He is gone and I hope The FA and the Premier League properly punish Chelsea - not with a pathetic fine that means nothing to them but points deduction - a punsihment that will actually cause them hurt. All football fans including Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool should all join forces in our hatred of Chelski and their money grabbing, cheating ways.

Judas has now gone though and what now for Tottenham Hotspur. Clearly this is a bolt out of the blue for us and something the board has only known about for the last 10 days or so. There is no one lined up to fill his boots. We have made good progress this season and the departure of Judas should not stop us going out and getting our targets. We have coped for many years without a DoF and we can once again now.

For us to move forward Martin Jol should be appointed manager now. He knows who he wants and for how much. Jol is well respected and liked by the players. He has also gained respect throughout the country for the way he deals with the team and the press. He has European respect for the work he did in Holland. I am making the same call I made back in November when Santini left. Give the job to Jol. A new Director of Football is not what we need now. It would take a long time to find one and then he would have his own ideas and may even want his own manager. There has been upheaval enough today. Appoint Jol as manager asap so we can continue with our rebuilding process.


Further Announcement.

n response to the statement by Chelsea Ltd, parent company of Chelsea Football Club, the club wishes to clarify the following points.

Chelsea Ltd's letter asking permission to approach Frank Arnesen sent to the club on the 21st May was copied to Frank Arnesen. By definition, Frank was therefore approached prior to the club having had any chance to refuse permission.

A further call was made to the club by Chelsea on the 23rd May when again permission to approach Frank was refused and this was confirmed in writing to them at the time. No other discussions were held with Chelsea until Friday 3rd June when, at the Premier League Chairman's meeting, the Chairman and Club Secretary met with the Chief Executive and Chairman of Chelsea. At that meeting our Chairman made clear his disappointment both at the approach and nature of the approach and made clear his intentions to seek substantial damages.

The rule which has been breached is rule U10 which cites 'no club shall directly or indirectly induce or intend to induce any employee of another club to terminate a contract of employment with that other club (whether or not by breach of that contract) or directly or indirectly approach any such employee with a view to offering employment without the consent of that other club'.

Clearly Chelsea have been upto no good knowing that Arnesen would be interested because, I expect, of the mega wages they could offer and so they copied the original letter to him as well as to Daniel Levy. Disgraceful. Spurs, with any luck, will report this matter to the FA on Monday and lets hope they have the balls to throw the book, the kitchen sink and everything else at them!


Cheating Chelsea "Tap Up" Arnesen

Statement from the club:

Chelsea Football Club has made an approach to Sporting Director, Frank Arnesen, in direct breach of FAPL rules. This approach was made both prior to requesting permission and without permission from the Club. Tottenham Hotspur Football Club refused permission for any discussions to take place.

Notwithstanding that he is subject to contract and holds wide-ranging responsibilities and commitments to all parties at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Frank has indicated that he wishes to move to Chelsea Football Club. Accordingly, the Board of Tottenham Hotspur plc has suspended Frank Arnesen with immediate effect.

The Club is currently in discussions with its legal advisors and a further announcement will be made in due course.

Of course the cheating Chelsea are denying this claiming they have been in discussions with Spurs for two weeks. That they may have been but it appears that Tottenham never gave Chelsea permission to talk to Arnesen about it. Arnesen suddenly says hes off to Chelsea so it appears that while saying one thing to Spurs the Russian mafia were off round Frank's house tapping him up. This is an absolutly disgusting abuse by Chelsea once again. 0

Chelscum have just been fined by the FA for tapping up Cole from down the road but obviously have no regard for the rules as laid down by the FA. Clearly a £300,000 fine levid against them means nothing as the Russian oil crook has more money than he knows what to do with. If this is indeed true it is about time that the FA and the Premier League actually took proper action. A fine means fuck all to Chelsea so they have to hit them where it really hurts. Points deduction is what is necessary and not just a pathetic 3 points suspended. When the FA threw the book at us in 1994 we originally had 12 points deducted. It's about time the FA did the same to Chelsea - a minimum of 10 points deducted will be the only way to stop them cheating left right and centre like they are now.

Oh, by the way Frank, your another Judas pissing off probably for a lot more money, greedy bastard. Let's just hope that this defection does not affect Jol's position at the club.