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Sunday, March 18, 2007

We Shall Not Be Moved!

Spurs have announced season ticket prices for next year and on average they have gone up by £27 although some have increased by more. They are also introducing various levels of membership which will be carefully designed to force fans to pay more to increase the likelihood of getting a ticket.

What has really got my back up is the attempt to get season ticket holders within the Paxton Road without a junior to move seat. This is to allow more families to watch Spurs etc. While a very worthwhile cause it is a shame the club is attempting to blackmail its own supporters within the Paxton to move instead of actually doing the right thing and making junior priced tickets avilable throughout the whole ground. Of course the money men at Spurs would never do this even though they will receive huge sums of cash next season from Sky, much more than ever! If Spurs finished bottom they would pocket £30 million, greedy gits.

As an incentive to move they will give you, wait for it, TEN, yes TEN loyalty points as a bonus!!!! Wow! The other incentive is that wherever you move to will be charged at the same price next year as your current Paxton Road price. So if I moved to the East Upper for example I would still pay £579 while the guy next to me would be paying £899. He will be pleased! And then the next year my price will revert to the standard price for the particular part of the ground you sit in. I can't afford to pay £900 for a season ticket - £579 will be a struggle. Why do the club think I chose to sit in the Paxton in the first place? Are they stupid?

People who have made friends with the other people around them are almost certain to be split up and where do they think all us Paxton people will go. There is a long waiting list for the Park Lane and how many people will be giving up their tickets there? Will the new seat be as good as the one I currently occupy? I doubt it.

And thus I will not be moving. I already have 332 loyalty points so a bonus of 10 means nothing to me. The club has scored another spectacular own goal pissing people off all over the ground, be it the people who feel they have to move to the others who find the bloke next to him is paying £300 less than he is for an identical seat.

No one should be bullyed into moving, WE SHALL, WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED!


Sunday, March 11, 2007

FA cup Preview and Braga Goals.

The big game this weekend once again features Spurs as we take on the soon to be former champions at their place. It is a massive game and if Spurs can progresse either today or via a replay I can see us winning the thing. The one slight problem we have in front of us is the Chavs who have only lost to Barcelona at The Bridge in months and months.

Chelsea have a few injury problems and it is not known if Terry will play. If fully fit Terry controls the Chelsea back four and they rarely conceede more than one goal if any. However without him they look dodgy and it will be good to see Berbatov pulling the back four all over the place creating space for Lennon and Defoe. Defoe will start as Keane is injured. Keane is clearly the form striker out of the two so it is a big blow and Mr Offside now needs to prove himself again and score against one of the top clubs. It could work to our advantage though as Berbatov will drop deep leaving Defoe up top.

Another blow is that Robinson is out. His form was patchy earlier in the season but he is playing very well at the moment. A big game is needed from Cerny.

Supply to the forwards will be key in this game. If we can get the ball to Lennon and Berbatov we shall cause the Chavs all sorts of problems. However, to do this well, we need to control the midfield. Zokora and Tainio need to work very hard and if I see Ghaly anywhere near the team I will know we are in trouble!

Here are the Braga goals. No quicktime this time due to lack of bandwidth.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Braga Vs Spurs

European football returns to the menu as Spurs take on Braga in Portugal. After our enforced break it will be good to see Spurs go and play on the European scene once again. Team news is mixed. Robbie Keane is available again as is Zokora but Jenas misses out. King is still a month away from full fitness.

We played Braga over 20 years ago in our last European campaign of the 1980s. We beat them 6-0 but they will present a different team tonight. Braga have a large Brazillian influence and if they are given time they will punish us so it is important we compete in true English style. A quick passing game, as witnessed in previous European games, should see Spurs return with at least a draw but our European form has been so good recently I would not be surprised if we won out there tonight. If Berbatov nets he will be the first Spurs player to score in five consecutive European games.


Monday, March 05, 2007

Get the goals here! West Ham Vs Spurs

Ha ha ha, poor old Wet Spam how sorry I feel for them. Not! Ha ha ha.
Nothing is more deserved. The utter hatred shown towards us was the usual nonsense and the racist chanting was unsurprising from the Cockney Barra Boys from Green Lane. We don't really care that much about them as we know who our true rivals are but the Hammers have seem to forgotten that their real rivals are Milwall. After yetserday's defeat they are heading back to the Championship and if they really do crash and burn like Leeds they may well face their proper rivals in league football once again.

To be fair to West Ham they played well first half and Jol admitted we had made a tactical mistake. However the awful Ghaly was replaced by Huddlestone at half time and his range of passing caused West Ham problems. We were soon level, the second goal a superb bit of play by Berbatov, Lennon and Tainio. Once we had equalised I thought there would be only one result but we did not kill off the spammers and Zamora came off the bench to score what looked like the winner.

Of course up stepped Berbatov to equalise befor Stalteri started the breakway to finish West Ham in the Premiership. Lee won a poorly controlled ball by Zamora and Stalteri broke away. His pass allowed Defoe to run at the full back while we streaked forward. Stalteri continued his run and ensured he stayed onside. When Green fumbled the shot across the goal Stalteri stroked the ball home. I have criticised him in the past but fair play to him on Sunday.

Download my take on the goals here:

Quicktime required.

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  • Sunday, March 04, 2007

    West Ham V Spurs.

    Zokora is not fit so Ghaly comes into the centre. Gardner is recalled and Adel Taarabt is on the bench. This is a big game. Most results went our way yesterday and we owe the spammers big time. COYS!