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Monday, July 27, 2009

Crouch done mores the pity

Who says money can't buy you love.

The news most Spurs fans feared was confirmed tonight. A player we let go years ago for £60k is back to haunt us after costing £10 million plus something ridiculous in wages. Peter Crouch scored an amazing 16 goals in all competitions last year so is a decisively average signing to complement our already decisively average bunch of strikers. Peter Crouch is the type of striker who will fire us to the lofty position of 8th place. He is not the type of signing we need to push on and look like European challengers once again but the sort who will see us return to football of the 666 era - I look forward to the long diagonal ball from Dawson once he is fit.

In Peter's defence he will bring others into the game such as Defoe or Keane. It may well see Defoe hit 30 goals for us but you have to remember in our two seasons of finishing 5th our strikers were scoring 30 a piece in all competitions (Keane and Berbatov). Crouch managed 16 and his records for Liverpool and Southampton hardly set the world alight either. He just isn't good enough and is sadly the sign of things to come from the Dustcart and Levy.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Two old duffers

Crouch and Vieira in new away and third strips.

As previously mentioned by The Shelf Patrick Vieira looks closer than ever to signing for Spurs. A great player for the gonners but now his legs are shot and is looking for one last pay day, the signing of Vieria is only ever going to be a complete disaster.

Also joining is the 1 in 3 lanky streak of yellow Crouch. Possibly going to be one of the worst signings I can remember for Spurs. I suppose when you appoint Harry Redknapp as your manager you should expect Harry Redknapp signings and Daniel Levy is too terrified to stand up to him in fear that the last roll of the dice will walk away and leave the 5 / 10 / 15 / never* year plan in tatters again.

(*delete depending on which manager we have just sacked or appointed)

Levy lost all credibility in the football world when he sacked Jol and then when he was surprised that Ramos struggled because Levy sold most of his strike force from under him and he couldn't speak the lingo. The man is also king of spin with many fans insisting that he has invested heavily in he team, ignoring all the big money deals going out of the club. Net spend is pathetically low for any team that has aspirations of challenging for the Champions League places. It is time for him to sell up - he has made many millions from Spurs using the share schemes to snap up 85% of the club without having to make an offer for every Spurs share and doing it on the cheap.

The two latest signings show how far we have fallen since we sacked our best league manager for 20 years.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spurs - Peterborough goals

Monday, July 13, 2009

Viera on his way

Ergh. Has bean pension grabber sees us coming. 3 years too late. Redknapp the saviour and he pulls of the signing of a player Wenger shipped on long ago as he realised he was finished. The dust cart rolls in three years later.

I despair.

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