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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bassong done

Ignore what the rest are saying - Bassong is apparently a done deal according to Spurs Community and will be announced next week. Bassong, would I assume, be back up to King and Woodgate and is probably the best of a bad lot from Newcastle.

More scarily, tight wad Levy thinks we can do some cut price deals with his mate Ashley and bring in a few more of the Newcastle dross, Nolan amongst them. Why we would want to bring in anymore rubbish from Newcastle is beyond me. They went down because they were dreadful and buying a bucket load of championship players is not going to see us push on for 6 place - which is all we can probably hope for now Citeh have financial muscle. It is all rather depressing and why Levy needs to hurry up and find someone willing to invest decent cash in the team.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Robbie "Keane" on staying

Latest news on Robbie Keane is that he is not going to Sunderland. Details have been creeping out that the player and the management have had a bit of a falling out over his attitude towards the end of last season and were looking at maybe shipping him on. This has surprised Robbie who has stated that he doen't want to leave, especially not for Sunderland which could still be Darren Bent's final destination.

Keane has had a busy year making his big money "dream" signing to Liverpool only to see it all go wrong and end back at a struggling Spurs team. I for one still think Keane can do well for Spurs. He has already scored over 100 goals in his first spell and a more settled pre-season will hopefully see him returning to decent form again, especially if 'Arry stops playing him very very deep!

Robben coming in?

Rumours from COYS still persist that the Robben deal is not dead. Robben is happy to return to London and Levy was spotted in Madrid only a couple of weeks ago. Apparently the fee is not a problem although it would be interesting to see if Robben could be accommodated in our existing wage structure.

Robben has been working with a fitness coach recently so he is ready to take part in pre-season and be raring to go for the start of the season. Still only 25, his signing would be a major coup for Redknapp and Levy if this is true. I wonder myself as we cannot offer any European football next season, let alone CL.

Huddlestone off

Big Tom is apparently leaving according to Spurs Community ITKs. Bids from three clubs have been accepted in the region of £8.5 million. One of the clubs is supposed to be Sunderland. Big Tom wants first team football and is something he is unlikely to get at Spurs in the near future.

Monday, June 15, 2009

New GK Kit

And you thought the outfield kit was bad....

From Glory Glory and FTL.


Villa make offer for Bentley and Hudd

Vile have made an offer for Bentley and Huddlestone in the region of £15 million according to SO. It is an interesting offer as we paid that for Bentley a year ago but, as we all know, he has been shocking all season and I won't be sorry to see him go. The breakdown must be about £10 million for Bentley and £5 million for Big Tom which seems fair for each. I will be more sorry to see Tom go as he can knock some balls around beautifully and can hit a ball but his lack of pace and dreadful turn can really leave the midfield exposed. Many teams pressurise Tom and leave him little time on the ball and a team with fast pace can easily over run the middle if Huddlestone is partnered with Wilson. At Vile, similar things will happen. Tom is much better suited to the slower games of Spain and Italy.

Of course, this offer leaves us good ground to manoeuvre for Ashley Young, the winger we missed out on when Levy was clinging to the purse strings a little too tightly and is now going to cost him more in transfer fees and wages. Young on the left, with a slightly improved better ball and Modric through the centre and Lennon right would cause massive problems for opposition teams. No longer could they double up on Lennon knowing we lack pace on the other side and they have to drop deep to stop Modric putting though balls for the strikers. Interesting.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

O'Hara to Fulham

Rumours on COYS and FTL reckon O'Hara is going to Fulham for £4 million. I think that is a great bit of business for Spurs if true and will add funds to the transfer kitty. Levy has already stated at the AGM that none of the January purchases were budgeted for and thus 'Arry will have to raise some of the transfer funds himself if he wants to spend big.

O'Hara, nick named O'Horror by some, is a true Spurs fan but like many others before - Dean Marney (remember him) is not quite up to scratch and while he'll work hard all day he isn't quite good enough.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Kit pictures here!