"It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory." Bill Nicholson. SPURS


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Woolwich Vs. Tottenham Hotspur

The second leg is tomorrow and the winners get the honor of playing Chavski at Cardiff towards the end of next month and would be our first cup final since 2001. We have not made life easy for ourselves after surrendering a 2-0 lead at White Hart Lane last week. As it current stands the scum would go through on away goals so we have to score.

This will at least force Jol to not play the negativity card as we will have to attack. You could see our game plan was to let them have the ball in their own half last week and from that position Fabregas murdered us with Huddlestone or Zokora having no answer to his play from midfield. Fabregas will likely be rested tomorrow but Gilberto will return looking to break up our attacks from the middle and to stop the forward runs of JJ.

Berbatov is injured so I am not sure who will line up with Defoe. Keane has stacks of ability but can be very frustrating at times. He was good up front with Mido on Saturday but playing two short men will make the long diagonal ball from Dawson redundent. Mido is the other option but he is getting worse and worse and has now got Raziakitis with his inability to jump for high balls. Of course he could be a hero come final whistle tomorrow and we should back any team that is put on at the cradle of filth tomorrow.

Spurs can beat the old enemy and we must arrive tomorrow with the right attitude. Too often in away games we have gone looking for a point. A 0-0 will be no good tomorrow and we have to score. We can do it, we just have to believe.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Spurs Vs Woolwich

Spurs back in a semi final and back against the scum for a place in the League Cup Final against Scum 2, the Chavs from Fulham. This is a real MUST WIN game especially as the second leg is at the Effeminates stadium and our away form is rubbish. We need to win tomorrow and I hope we win big to rub that smart smirk from Wenger's face.

We know that they have strong reserves but the scum have shown a complete lack of respect for this competiton over the last few years and it is about time we taught them something about respect by thrashing the life out of the bastards tomorrow. The crowd will have a massive part to play in making White Hart Lane as imitimadating as possible especially for the younger members of the team who have never experienced a North London Derby. Every season Judas had a mare against us at Tottenham due to the abuse he recieved and we need to ensure that the other scum players get the same sort of reception tomorrow.

King is still not fit so Gardner will line up with Dawson in the centre and will need to be on his toes against the pace of Walcott. Lee and Chimbonda will be wide. In fron will sit Zokora with Huddlestone - Lennon will be wide right with Malbranque left. Defoe should start with Berbatov.

Come on Spurs, lets do the filth! YID ARMY YID ARMY!


Friday, January 19, 2007

Feyenoord disqualified

UEFA have just announced that Feyenoord have been disqualified from the UEFA cup. Feyenoord were under investigation due to serious crowd trouble when they played French team Nancy earlier in the season. It was expected that Feyenoord would have to play their home leg behind closed doors but following a decision by the UEFA Independent Disciplinary and Control board they have now been disqualified. It also sounds like an appeal by Feyenoord has been refused.

The BBC had this quote:

"The appeal by Feyenoord against the original punishment handed down by the Uefa Control and Disciplinary Body was rejected," said a Uefa statement.

"Feyenoord were also ordered to contact Nancy regarding settlement of the damages."

Other rumors suggest that Feyenoord may have annoyed the supreme controller of all world footballing matters, prize twat David Dein of the scum, although these cannot be confirmed.

It now sounds like we shall get a bye into the next round meaning Spurs all owe us some money for once. Look out for a scam such as it being returned in club vouchers.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Woolwich at it again

The evil scum are at it again. They have convinced the football league that even though the Effeminates stadium has been designed to be able to hold 9,000 away fans they have never done so before so would it be possible to only have 5,000 odd instead when they play Spurs. Of course, the football league rolled over and said of course Dien, anything else we can help you with? And thus our allocation has been reduced by 4,000 tickets.

Spurs have stood their ground and will only allow 3,000 scum fans into WHL on Wednesday but the scums position has actually failed to benefit anyone. We lose, scum fans lose as they are getting a measly 3,000 tickets at the home of football, we only get 5,000 odd in a 60,000 seater stadium.

Why can the scum get away with no testing their ground properly before entering a competition where the rules state the opposition team are entitled to 15% of the grounds capacity? Why does the football league give into the pathetic excuses Dien and his cronies have rolled out?

The real reason is of course they are terrified that 9,000 yids were going to turn up and actually make an atmosphere at the Effeminates. That of course won't do as scum fans have been told in the past that they wre talking too loud and could they keep the noise down. Oh, and the corporate fans won't want to turn up if 9,000 yids are in the ground. So we have to settle for 5,500. Of course, we shall out sing the other 55,000 muppets that turn up and I hope we stuff the filth home and away.



Saturday, January 13, 2007

Transfer gossip and Semi final allocations

Spurs have still not made any noises about the allocation for the semi final matches against the scum and wild rumors are going all around the internet. In theory both clubs are entitled to 15% of each others grounds which would see around 5400 pikes at WHL with 9,000 yids tearing the Effeminates stadium up in the 2nd leg. However it appears the scum are being awkward and want 15% of our ground while only offering us 6,000. This should not surprise anyone as the evil goons have been screwing clubs over for years, especially us even going as far as rigging FA committes to ensure their election to the top flight, with us relegated. Remember the goons are the only club to have never earned the right to play in the top division - they got there by cheating.

Anyhow, whatever is decided by us, them and the police the respective allocations should be exaclty the same otherwise it is completly unfair. FLT and COYS members are suggesting that the old bill are worried by the thought of 9,000 Spurs fans at the scum so want to limit the numbers. That is fine as long as the percentage of the allocation is the same. We get 10% of the Immigrants and thus the scum get 10% of White Hart Lane. Expect huge uproar if the allocations don't match and if Levy has not fought his corner then expect a lot of disgruntled fans heading in his direction.

Comolli was apparently spotted at Watford today sitting with esteemed England Manager Steve McClaren. I assume he is a guest at the club which suggests the Ashley Young rumors are true. Aidy Boothroyd has claimed that a club has now made an offer of £8 million. If true, and its us, I can't help feeling we are paying over the odds for a player who has never really impressed that much. We shall see.


Spurs Vs Newcastle

The club with the greatest fans in the whole world travel into town tomorrow for their day out in the big smoke. Of course how many of these great fans decide to travel to White Hart Lane tomorrow remains to be seen.

With results going our way today this match provides a good opportunity to gain some ground on Bolton and Portsmouth tomorrow. As I write the scum are drawing 0-0 so I hope this is the best they can hope for as a win for us will see us make up ground on them as well.

In does not look like Ledley King will return tomorrow nor JJ but Zokora is now claiming he is fit. Apparently he was dropped for the last two games because he was lacking match fitness and had nothing to do with the fact he was unable to pass to a Spurs player. If him and Ghaly play on previous form we should give Newcastle a 2-0 head start!

The team is likely to be Robinson in goal with Davenport and Dawson directly in front. In the full back positions will be Chimbonda and Lee. I expect Lennon will add some much need width on the right with Malbranque on the left. In the centre expect Huddlestone to keep his place even though his performances have been nothing special recently with Zokora alongside him. Berbatov will be up front with Defoe, I hope.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

No upsets, yet.

There were no real big surprises in the FA Cup today with only Charlton and Sheffield United losing to lower sides, and United put out a team with 9 changes so I am a little bit worried about tomorrow's fixture against Cardiff. Our away form is still not inspiring and the crowd will be very hostile and passionate so I would not be surprised if we found ourselves dumped out tomorrow!

Of course, on paper, we should stuff Cardiff home or away but it is never that simple. Robbie Keane and Aaron Lennon return but I expect both of them to start on the bench. King is not fit as far as I am aware so Davenport will start with Dawson. Lee and Chimbonda will be on the flanks. In the middle will be Zokora and Huddlestone with Murphy and Malbranque. I chose Murphy as he deserves a start after his two recent sub appearences in the league. Defoe and Berbatov will be up top.


Friday, January 05, 2007

Ferdinand linked and others.

Good sources on FTL and COYS have said we have made a four million pound bid for Anton Ferdinand from West Ham. I saw this news on some of the more gossipy websites like Fans FC, which will generally post any old rubbish, but now reliable sources have said we have indeed shown an interest. I'm not sure if this is good news or not. Always highly rated I am not sure he has lived up to his potential that he had shown early doors and is not as good as his brother. He is also a fully paid up member of the Billy Big Bling Boys club (President Nigel Reo Coker) but weather he is the full cause of West Ham's problems or is just along with the ride with that trouble maker Re-Coker I am not sure.

He can probably improve as a player alongside players such as King and Dawson and away from the gang like mentality that seems to exist at Upton Park amongst certain groups of players. However, at the moment, I can only see him as cover for King and Dawson unless King has long term problems or someone has made a stupid money offer and our greedy board is ready to accept.

Curtis Davis has also been linked again and West Brom has turned down a five million pound bid for him and we are sniffing around Ashley Young as well at Watford.

As always, until Jol is bear hugging them in a Mansion shirt take it all with a pinch of salt.

In other news, Reo-Coker is apparently off to the scum. Lets hope he causes as much problems there as he is currently at Wet Spam.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Mac Dashboard Widgets Now Available!

I have created two new widgets for use on Mac OS X Tiger who higher. These widgets run in the dashboard and provide the latest posts from The Shelf and the latest news from the official Spurs site,

Download the latest widgets now so you never miss a Spurs story again!

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  • Tuesday, January 02, 2007

    Adel Taarabt confirmed.

    As revealed by The Shelf last week Adel Taarabt has signed for the club on loan. We have an option to buy him from Lens at the end of the loan period. Adel Taarabt is highly rated and can play on either wing or as a striker. The loan part surprised me but it does mean we have not wasted any cash if he hates it in England or is actually rubbish. However being rubbish does not stop us offering anyone a contract, ask Mido about that.


    Monday, January 01, 2007

    Live from Portsmouth

    Tainio comes in for Zokora and Berbatov for Mido