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Monday, January 30, 2006

Fulham Vs. Spurs

With our away form not looking as good as it was, having only won 4 out of the last 20, we need a win tomorrow to keep us above the goons who play on Wednesday. A draw or defeat would open the door for the scum to over take us. With 14 games to go every game is vital so the team news for tomorrow is quite depressing.

The latest news coming out of COYS is that Lee could be flying home for family reasons which would see Kelly switch back over to left back. Considering how awful he was in that position against Leicester we could be in for a rough night. Davids and Tainio are both doubtful leaving the door open for Reid to go left with Jenas and Carrick centre. Lennon will go wide right with Keane and Defoe up front once again.

I would say that Brown could slot in but it looks almost certain that he is joining Fulham but won't be allowed to play aginst us tomorrow if the deal goes through.


Routledge off plus others?

Wayne Routledge has joined Portsmouth on loan until the end of the season. Do not be surprised if this turns into a permanent deal come June time as Lennon has shown that he will be a far greater player in years to come. The fact that Palace fans were not that fused when he left said a lot at the time. He had a good pre-season and then an unfortunate injury but his come back has not exactly set the world on fire and clearly Jol rates Lennon over him to allow him a half season loan.

A good source on From the Lane is also backing up stories on Sky Sports from yesterday that Michael Brown is definitely off to Fulham but won't be eligible to play against us tomorrow. I think that we are now moving a step too far in going from having hundreds of midfield players to only just enough cover. With Tainio and Davids most likely out injured it leaves Carrick and Jenas in the middle with Lennon right and either Reid or Jackson left. The left side is just crap and needs sorting asap but it looks like we have missed the chance this window.

Another rumor doing the rounds on FTL is that Danny Murphy could be on his way over from Charlton. Why? Why? Why?!??!! The short arsed fool made us look stupid once and is lucky to get a game over at Charlton so why do we want him. Leave him to rot there.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Spurs denied.

Thomas Sorensen proved the man of the match as he frustrated the Spurs forward line on around five or six occasions to stop us cruising to victory. On another day we would have won this game 3-0 but it was not to be. Villa came for a point and were quite frankly abysmal past the half way line with zero shots on goal in the whole match. The way the Villa fans celebrated at sneaking a point shows how far we have come in the last 18 months.

The first half was all Spurs but it took a while for us to really get going. Sorensen pulled off the first great save of the day tipping a great lob from Tainio over the bar. Keane was absolutely magnificent first half but Defoe continued to look like he couldn't give a shit.

The second half came and Sorensen pulled off great saves from Carrick and Brown to mention just two and Defoe did improve. I hope this run in the team gets Defoe motivated and a goal against Fulham will boost his confidence which appears to be quite low.

One criticism was our inability to use the width of the pitch. Lennon was on for Jenas and we all know that he is best at running down the wing, scaring the full back to death before whipping in crosses. So, in true Spurs style, we took 15 minutes before Aaron even got a sniff at the ball. When he did he screamed down the wing, beat two men and then crossed to the far post where Mido probably would have been if he was not in Africa. Lennon was they key but we did not provide him with the service.

We have a string of very winnable games coming up and we need to do that to ensure we have points on the board when we approach a tough run in towards the end of the season.


Friday, January 20, 2006

Spurs Vs Villa and Ziegler returns.

Spurs take on Villa tomorrow in what is another must win game against inferiour opposition. Another defeat would give us a bad little run and will allow our main rivals for a top five finsih to gain ground, especially the likes of the scum and Bolton.

Mido and Naybet are both away with their respective countries and Stalteri is suspended but otherwise we have a fully fit squad to choose from although the fact that King is continuing to have treatment for an ongoing groin problem is worrying. If he has a problem like that then we should use the squad available so it can be cleared up fully, not left to linger for the rest of the season and then through the World Cup.

Jol made some interesting comments through the press stating that Defoe is "too good to be on the bench" so expect him and Keane to play together tomorrow. Kelly will slot in for Stalteri and apart from that it will be the usual suspects with the only choice coming between Lennon and Tainio.

Since we missed out Bridge, Ziegler has been recalled to cover on the left and this could also signal the departure of Andy Reid. In other news the scum signed Walcott today because, as the press say, "Wenger has a great record of bringing through young players". One English player has come through in all the time he has been there, Ashley Cole so expect Walcott to go the way of Pennent in a few years time.


Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Badge Launched

Well what do you think? I like it and I think the club has done a good job overall in the re-design. It is a shame they have dropped the crest as it has been with the club for 50 years but with the desire to copyright everything in a quest for more profits I suppose it had to go as well. My earlier post was completely wrong regarding the ball which is a good thing and it is more traditional than maybe the badge we will use until the end of the season. It is just a shame that they have abandoned the Latin Audere est Facere for to Dare is to Do as I think the Latin was better.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Good news about the new badge.

Apparently the new badge will please traditionalists according to people in the know at Spurs. The Trust have also seen it and are happy with it but it won't look like the badge on this mock up of the new shirt currently doing the rounds. COYS have it here, one of the best Spurs message boards around by the way.

So, if true, this rules out a return of the cockeral on a ball which was used for much of the seventies. So this leaves something like we had back in the 50s and 60s maybe as seen in these images:



Sunday, January 15, 2006

Why we need to worry.

I think we have a problem at Spurs. We played reasonably well against Liverpool and had a glorious chance to take the lead but blew it but that is not the problem. The problem, to me anyway, is Jermaine Defoe.

Defoe is a lethal finisher - we have all seen what he can do for Spurs and West Ham before us. But look at him in recent weeks. He fails to score for quite a few games and was rightly dropped for Keane. Keane took his chance and has been banging the goals in with Mido ever since. OK, Keane missed a sitter against Liverpool but no one can argue he has not been in good form. While Keane was on the bench he also always came on with a good attitude and gave his best.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for Defoe. His attitude in recent weeks has been poor and is for all to see in his recent performances. He never involved himself against Leicester and was universally slated by every paper about the game against Liverpool. He cannot be bothered. He hasn't looked at his time on the bench as a chance to rest and then come back and show what he can do. He has sulked - seen Mido and Keane banging in the goals and decided to sod it.

He need to shape up quick or quite frankly be sold. We cannot afford to keep someone with an attitude at the club. If necessary sell him and buy someone who wants to be at Spurs. I hope I'm wrong as he could be one of the best striker's in the world. The question is: Does he want to be?


Friday, January 13, 2006

Liverpool Vs. Spurs

Ledley King and Edgar Davids return for Spurs tomorrow in the biggest game of the season so far. Third play fourth and is the type of fixture Spurs HAVE to get something from if we are to maintain our push for fourth spot. We have a difficult last six games so need points now as we are not guaranteed of picking up any later on.

Liverpool play everything through Gerrard and although they have good players around him like Garcia the key to stopping Liverpool is stopping Gerrard. Edgar should enjoy his battle with him tomorrow and I hope he comes out the winner.

If fit I would pick Tainio over Lennon for this one as his work rate at getting back is better than Lennon's. Lennon would be on the bench ready to come on and stretch Liverpool later on if we are needing a goal or defending a point or 3. If Lee does not make it it means another game of Kelly at left back where he was truly awful against Lecister. Lets hope not.

This is the big one, lets hope we perform better than we did last Sunday.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Left Back

With the departure of Mendes, Davis and Pamarot to Portsmouth, Jol has come out and mentioned that he is after a left back with a move for Wayne Bridge looking more and more likely, so say the ITKs on COYS and FTL. Bridge would provide the two person cover for each position to the left back position and would be a good buy for Spurs.

Edit: Due to abuse sent my way from idiots who claim the support Spurs because I was passsing on some info even though they had never heard of one of the largest Spurs message boards on the ent I've removed the otehr stuff here. If you want to find out you will have to go looking yourself.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Three players to leave.

The media are now reporting a well know fact around the various message boards for weeks that Portsmouth want to buy Davis, Pamarot and Mendes for around seven million pounds.

This looks a great deal epecially if the cash is up front. We paid around seven million pounds for all three and none of them have ever really called themselves first team regulars. In fact, to be getting what we paid for for Sean Davis is an excellent bit of business as we all know his knee is a bit dodgy.

If this is all true I will be sad to see Pedro Mendes leave the club as I think he is a top class midfielder and is just as good as Jenas is you ask me. A Champions League winner at portsmouth as well. What is going on there?


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Monday, January 09, 2006

Pathetic defending cost Spurs home tie but good news around the corner.

I'm not going to delve into the game in too much detail as it is too depressing to throw away a two goal lead once again to lose a match 3-2. Even worse, it was to Championship opposition.

We had two main problems yesterday. The inability to defend with Kelly and Gardner being particularly bad and Rasiak proving that he is a useless piece of crap. If he put some effort in then it would not be so bad but he lacks pace and almost refused to jump for any high ball. Whichever scout thought they saw potential in him should be shot as far as I am concerned and he should never pull on the shirt of Tottenham Hotspur ever again if he is not going to give 100% in every game.

However, there is some good news as MattJB, a credible source of information over at COYS suggests a signing soon to cheer as all up as well as some of the rubbish being shipped on pretty soon as well.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Mido flies back.

Just to contradict my previous story Mido has flown back to the UK after Egypt's game against Nigeria was postponed. He will almost certainly start up front with Keane.

FA Cup preview.

Spurs travel to Leicester City tomorrow for the ridiculously timed 6:30pm kick off. Spurs will miss Mido who is off preparing for the dumbest timed football competition in the history of FIFA. Naybet is also away although he has hardly featured this season for Spurs. Tainio has a fever and I suspect will be rested while Edgar Davids, King and Reid are definitely out. Lee is a doubt. Expect Pamarot to cover.

With all this in mind I expect an almost identical team to play against Leicester as played against Citeh. Obviously Mido won't be playing so the one change (if Lee is fit) will probably be Rasiak but really it should be a chance for Jol to say to Defoe that this is his chance to stamp his authority back on the first eleven and compete for the starting position alongside Keane while Mido is away.

There is no arguing that Keane and Mido are first choice at Spurs now with Keane taking his chance well and combining excellently with Mido. Defoe now needs to do the same and take this chance if it is presented to him. I'm not saying that Defoe will be on the bench for ever but while Mido and Keane continue to link up with each other as they have been Defoe will just have to sit there and bide his time.


Thursday, January 05, 2006

Spurs to move for Midfielder.

According to Sky Sports Spurs are moving towards not only acquiring the best young British potential but also European ones as well.

Spurs are looking to strengthening their ties with Slavia Prague, where Radek Cerny is on loan from, by moving for 17 year old Marek Suchy. Suchy broke into the first team this season and Spurs want him for a trial with a chance of a permanent deal.

Other transfer news is currently thin on the ground but apparently Comolli is working hard in the background.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mido and Keane bury Citeh.

An overall good team performance saw Spurs extend the lead over the scum to six points and move within one of Liverpool as we beat Manchester City 2-0. Goals from Mido and Robbie Keane did the job.

Michael Brown had come in for Edgar Davids and proved when great team spirit is running through the whole of White Hart Lane at the moment. He has not moaned when out of the team and put in 110% tonight for Spurs and was one of our best players tonight in my opinion. Dawson was also good and while Gardner was a little nervous he did produce a great tackle to deny Cole an almost certain equaliser.

Meanwhile up front Mido and Keane are working extremely well together. Goals from both front men again today with Mido also providing an assist. These two are first choice by miles at the mo but I am a little worried at how much we could miss Mido while he is playing in the African Nations. At least he is available for the Liverpool game in a couple of weeks. When he is gone I think Defoe will have the most to prove and I would play him alongside Robbie for those games. What will make me laugh later though will be the posts on the message boards again saying crap like "Although Robbie is playing really well I think Defoe should start ahead of him all the time". You wait and see, there will be muppets who make this sort of statement in the next 24 hours or so.


Dutch Winger to Sign

According to Eduardosmartez over at From The Lane Romeo Castelen could well be joining Spurs shortly with the deal almost done and dusted. A google search should provide more info on this player but he is likened to the Dutch version of Sean Wright Phillips. This has also been mentioned by various people at COYS.

Good stuff if true but it could mean Lennon is on the way out with the home sickness rumors still around.

With thanks to Eduardosmartez for allowing me to post this tit-bit of information.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Latest Transfer Rumors.

Latest news suggests that we will be having a busy first week in the window. (Thanks to COYS This could mean players leaving but equally it could herald a few arrivals.

One player already going is Emil Hallfredsson who is off on a season long loan to Malmo in Sweden.

Damien Comolli said: "This is a good move for Emil. It will give him the chance to play first-team football and we are pleased he will get that opportunity."

I can also see some movement within the current squad. A central midfielder could be leaving us over the window although it could be a loan move. However it does not look like it will be Michael Brown, especially after the latest comments about him by Martin Jol. Sean Davis equally looks like he is not going anywhere, which is quite a surprise which leaves Pedro Mendes. It will be a great shame if he goes as he is a top quality player in my opinion.

Buying wise strongest rumors still point towards Italy for a striker but Dirk Kuyt appears to be staying in Holland until the end of the season. I wouldn't be surprised if we made a move now for him to come in the summer but I think Dirk will keep his options open as he wants to play "Champions" League football.

Finally some people are talking about Defoe leaving. Are they mad?



Citeh Vs. Spurs

The last festive game takes place on Wednesday night against mid table Manchester City. After a strong start Citeh have fallen off the pace a little and find themselves in 9th place while of course we are fourth. A win tomorrow will see us stay fourth but move within 1 point of Liverpool. It will also put us six points above Wigan and a minimum of 4 above the scum but with any luck it will be seven when United stuff the filth tonight.

Davids is a doubt but I think he will make the game. Tainio has an illness so may not play and if that is the case I expect Lennon to slot into the right position to provide some width. King is definitely out so Gardner will continue to deputise. Robbie Keane will continue to start ahead of Defoe after a great performance against Newcastle.

This is a great chance to really start to make a claim for fourth spot and consolidate our position. A win is necessary, a draw just about acceptable. Defeat though could allow the scum and Bolton to catch us.


Monday, January 02, 2006

Transfer Window Opens. pens.

Yes, that great time of year is on us again. Hours watching Sky Sports News and the message boards especially as we approach January 31st only to be let down with a signing such as Rasiak.

That was of course the mistake we made at the end of the last window. Other targets were not available so we panic bought at the last minute. Sadly his signing does not look like he is going to inspire the team when top goal scorer Mido leaves us for 3 weeks or so for Africa.

A striker has to be the priority for this window. A left winger would also be nice with Andy Reid going to whoever wants him. There are now strong rumors that Theo Walcott will pick Spurs over the other clubs and who can blame him. You only have to think Sean Wright Phillips to say no to the Mafia. The Scum have brought 1 English player, Cole, through their ranks since Wenger has been the boss which leaves us. Carr, Judas and King have all come through in recent seasons not to mention Kelly and Ifil. We also have a great crop of English talent in the guise of Lennon, Routledge, Carrick and Jenas to name a few so Spurs would seem the sensible destination.

Striker wise the strong rumors are all pointing towards Italy. Make of that what you will but we need quality, not honest, cover for Mido not only now but maybe next season. There is no guarantee he will be staying come May.