"It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory." Bill Nicholson. SPURS


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Levy fails Spurs

It beggers belief that at the end of the transfer window Spurs have made a profit on transfers and have seriously weakened a key part of the team in the process of lining Levy's and Enic's pockets but that is exactly what has happened.

Yes Levy was left in a difficult position when both Keane and the new judas both demanded to leave but failing to replace 50 goals between them is going to make our season difficult. While he was willing to screw every penny out of United at the expense of team moral and a good start to the season he was not willing to spend the profits. Thus we are left with Bent, the fourth choice from last season, an unproven Russian who is cup tied in Europe and a loan signing for our strike force. A disgraceful situation to go from the best strikeforce in the league to one of the worst in 3 months.

Now the Levy apologists are already defending him but this is not an excusable offense and unfortunatly we all know the true reason behind it all. GREED. Yep, that's right. Over the last couple of years Enic has been using a share preference scheme to up their share holding on the cheap. Using this scheme their holding in Spurs has increased from 30% to around 80% enabaling them to increase their holdings on the cheap. Suddenly last season Spurs decided to pay a dividend, the first for years taking £6 million or so out of the club and thus away from the transfer kitty. I'm sorry, had we qualified for the Champions League? No but Enic did own most of the club and thus benefited the most from the dividend payment.

And now this is happening again. While we are fleeced at the turnstyle Levy is making a fat profit for his next dividend payment.

Time to go Daniel, your time is up.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Heskey if we can't do better

One of the more reliable ITKs has been in his tree house and has reported back to FTL that lots is going on down at Spurs lodge. One of the more depressing facts is that Heskey is definitely on assuming we can't get anything better sorted. To go from Berbatov to Heskey would be a total disgrace. Spurs would be a laughing stock and I hope it would be the end for Levy. The master of spin believes we have spent a fortune recently but fails to note that until we splashed some cash on the Russian and Corluka we had made a profit on transfers. He also fails to mention he is about to receive £33 million for Berbatov.

How we have resorted to desperate signings when we all knew Berbatov wanted out months ago is disgraceful and tells us all what we need to know about Comolli and Levy.

Owen to Spurs

The transfer Window has finally gone into melt down with the latest rumor of Michael Owen coming to Spurs. The fact that we would have to smash our wage structure to get him makes it highly unlikely. However if he did come we would have a world beating injury room of Owen, King and Woodgate.

Real Madrid have topped Citeh's bid for Berbatov offering £36 million. What we really should do is allowing everything to be agreed up in Manchester before canceling the deal at 11:59. That would piss him.


(From FTL)

Corluka done three weeks ago

This clever little find was posted on SC earlier today. If you remember back there were loads of rumors that we had in fact signed Corluka three weeks ago but Manchester City suddenly backed out at the last minute even though we had filed the papers with the Premier League and Corluka had signed on the dotted line. It looked like it was about to turn ugly and could even go to court.

However City have now signed cover for Corluka along with the other 100 other players they seemed to have bought so Corluka is officially a Spurs player. Now if you drag the picture above or from the Spurs site onto your desktop and then put it into a program that can read the EXIF information such as Photoshop or iPhoto you get some interesting facts. The picture was actually taken on August 8th 2008.