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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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SWP deal dead.

It looks like the Sean Wright-Phillips deal is over and done with, for now at least. The ITKs on COYS and FTL have heard nothing in recent weeks. It appears that the Chavs do see us as a threat to themselves. I do think we have a chance of breaking into the top four but I doubt it would be at the expense of the Chavs but the odious little toad that is Kenyon seems to think our time is coming and is pricing us out of the market.

I hear the SWP would like a deal to play regular football at Spurs but we just won't meet the asking price the Russian Mafia want.

They are also desperate to offload Glen Johnson. He was originally offered in the Chimbonda deal but we are holding out for a straight cash transfer. This looks like its going nowhere now as well. Rumors have also mentioned the Chavs offering Johnson in a deal for Jenas although I find this hard to believe.

Anyhow, the transfer window is working out nicely. The Shelf rightly predicted the arrival of Bent, Bale, Kaboul and now Boateng and the departure of Ghaly. We are all hoping for further departures, especially Mido. Rumor has it Murphy could be gone by the end of the week to a destination unknown.


Diamonds and Pearls

From COYS and FTL:

Expect Kevin Prince Boateng to sign today once terms are agreed. The medical is complete so it sounds like we just need to tie up a few loose ends.


A couple of videos:

Kevin-Prince Boateng

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Ta Ta Ghaly.

And thank goodness. The over rated Egyptian has been sold to Birmingham assuming he gets a work permit. Fingers crossed.

Ghaly was never of the required standard to be at Spurs but will do a job for Birmingham. To his credit he was always willing to give his best including the time he had his teeth knocked out at Portsmouth. However he believed some of his own hype and clearly thought he was better than he was. I won't be sorry not to see three or four step overs before a defender would take the ball of him or another misplaced pass to the opposition ever again. I also won't be at all sorry to see his disgraceful shirt throwing antics again either. He should have been banished to the youth team for training and slapped straight on the transfer market for that behavior.

So, one useless Egyptian gone, hopefully another over rated, hairy, kebab loving one to follow.

Oh, according to FTL and COYS, expect Boetang by the end of the week.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tearing up contracts.

I was speaking to my mate Tom the other day and he made a very good observation in the Tevaz Vs Spammers case about contracts. He wondered how you can just tear up a contract legally. Yeah, Egbert could well have dug out the contract from the dodgy filing cabinet left over from Redknapp's days and put it through the shredder but if that was legal we would all be doing it.

To start with I have decided to tear up my mortgage contract with the bank. Ha, Mr Bank Manager -you thought I owed you many of thousands of pounds and you owned my house but not anymore! I have torn up my contract! Mwahahahahha!

Next, the credit cards - I no longer owe you any money at rip off rates because I have torn up the credit agreement!

The list is endless and we could all soon be owning our houses, cars, luxury yachts, private jets and small islands by fooling banks into lending us money before tearing up our contracts!

Of course, why doesn't Tevaz just tear his contract up with West Ham and then he could join Man Utd whenever he likes!

What a farce - The Premier League have dug themselves a hole and it just keeps on getting bigger - The Spammers should have been relegated months ago and they have got away with it with very dodgy dealings at the least. Relegate them now!


Friday, July 20, 2007

Birmingham mugged

It appears Steve Bruce and the Birmingham board have been mugged by a short balding man and his french side kick as they now appear willing to pay Spurs £6 million pounds for Mido! Lets hope we are biting their hands off to off load the lazy Egyptian who has been more trouble than he is worth in the last season.

Mido will always be remembered for his amazing debut. Waddling on to the pitch we all wondered what we had snapped up on loan but he then banged in two quality goals against Portsmouth before being subsituted for health reasons. He then performed reasonably well for the next 12 months or so, while he was playing for a contract. Within this time his weight ballooned and he officially became Tottenham's most hairiest player ever.

Once a contract was awarded Mido decided to get trim which he did. Unfortunately Mido's skill appears to be linked with his weight and hair. The fatter and hairier he is the better he becomes. The slim, trim, smooth Mido we all put up with last season was a joke saving his worst performance for the Chavs FA cup away game. Berbatov came off and Mido did so little we ended up drawing a game we should have won. A mistake by Jol but a disgraceful performance by Mido.

If Bruce has any sense he will not include a monetary win bonus for Mido but a Kebab bonus. Every win sees Mido given an all you can eat voucher at the "The Big Donner" in Solihull. Score a hat-trick and pick up extra chili sauce. He would be unstoppable!


Monday, July 16, 2007

Winger linked

A source on COYS and FTL claim that a certain Chav winger is virtually done and will apparently sign by the end of the week. A pay cut is in the offing for the man who originally took money over appearances but has since changed his mind.

Tipped by the Spammers to join them it looks like Wright Phillips could soon be ours.

In other news Ghaly looks set for Birmingham while 'Boro want Mido for £2 million. This has been rejected as selling our two top Egyptians would mean we would no longer be featured on It is either that or Levy want more cash to clear what we owe Roma.

The Bent deal was mentioned on here a long time before the press picked it up and SWP has been under the radar for a while now. We shall see but he is a player who is top four material.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

City want Gardner

Reliable sources from COYS! have confirmed the press stories that Sven wants Tony Gardner to replace Distain at Manchester City. What the really interesting piece of news that they have offered between 4 to 5 million quid! Now with the club already outlaying £35 million quid I don't expect levy to be turning that sort of cash down for a squad player at most.

Gardner, while often reliable, could and would offer a gaffe incident once a game. Injuries in recent seasons stopped him getting a decent run in the side and Tony now finds himself behind Dawson, King and Kaboul in the pecking order. I suppose the only thing that could stop this deal from going through now is a question mark over the fitness of King.

In other news, Spurs want another three signings, including Boateng. Hopefully one of these will be a left winger with Petrov looking most likely.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bid accepted

Hertha Berlin has accepted a five million pound bid fo Kevin-Prince Boateng. The midfielder is 20 and was voted Germany's best young player in 2006. He has scored 4 goals in 86 appearances and appears to be competition for Zokora as the holding player. Kevin-Prince Boateng has yet to discuss terms with Spurs but FTL confirms that his agent will be in London at the weekend.

It was thought Boateng was heading for Sevilla but their bid was reject as it was about half what we are willing to pay. The BBC has quoted Boateng as saying:

"The Premier League is my dream league and now I am thinking about Tottenham."

We shall see if it all comes off but if it does it will take our spending to around £40 million, although some of this expenditure is spread over a few years. Where this leaves Tom Huddlestone is also an interesting talking point.


Monday, July 02, 2007

Kaboul to be announced

As revealed by The Shelf over a month ago it sounds like Kaboul will be announced very soon - probably tomorrow. He completed his medical a while back and well placed sources over on FTL are pretty sure the club will finally announce it.

No one is sure why there has been such a long delay but it could be to appease the fans with a slow trickle of signings across the summer and also to put rivals off the scent of other players we are looking out for.