"It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory." Bill Nicholson. SPURS


Sunday, April 30, 2006

Spurs Vs. Bolton

Bolton have won the last 6 against us and it is today that we have to put an end to that record and beat them to continue our advance to 4th place and, hopefully, Champions League football next season. However Fat Sam has already stated he would settle for a point so expect the usual Bolton tactics of time wasting from the first minute and long ball stuff. The key man to stop will be Nolan if he plays as he has the ability to damage teams with goals and assists himself. Thankfully the disgraceful Diouf will not be playing.

For Spurs expect Gardner to lineup with Dawson with Stalteri and Lee alongside them. In the middle will be Carrick and Tainio with probably Murphy and Lennon. Keane and Defoe to continue up front.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mido could be off.

Rumors eminating from Spurs sound like Mido could well be returning to Roma at the end of the current campaign. Apparently we are having trouble agreeing a fee to begin with. As Roma are happy to keep him now after a change in coach i expect their valuation is now a little high. Mido has also lost his fitness a little and always looked like he was on the brink of being fully fit and unfit. His knee is now playing up. Rumors of a bust up at various times of the season may or may not be true but there is usually no smoke without fire...

While I think Mido has done a good job overall this season I fell for a little bit more money we can get a better option that is fully fit.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

New kit preview

I expect this is being sent out with season ticket and membership renewals. Looks all white unless there is some blue stripe around the stomach area!

With thanks to Fixxxer from From The Lane.


Arsenal hypocrites

  • Scum 1-0 Sheffield United
    Stick that up your pipe and smoke it Wenger.

    With thanks to HertYid on Glory Glory.


  • Disgraceful Wenger shames Arsenal.

    Arsene Wenger really showed himself up to be a hypocrite yesterday as he fumed that the Spurs bench did not see the incident leading up to our goal and even went as far as saying "Their first goal was a disgrace. They lie when they say they didn't see it."

    This is of course the same Arsehole Wenger who never sees an incident when a scum player is sent off or even booked isn't it. In fact he is well known for not seeing incidents. For example, the fool failed to see that Stalteri was fouled in the build up to Henry's equaliser! He also failed to spot Reyes and Pires diving all over the place as per usual.

    Jol hit back saying "I don't know what he is on about. I didn't even see it, I was watching Edgar Davids." To be honest I never really know what Wenger is on about so I can see where Jol is coming from.

    Looking at the incident it is clear for almost everyone to see, including all the major pundits, that there was nothing wrong with what happened. Two Arsenal players collided and lay on the floor. It has been shown that Jol was not watching the incident but was shouting at Carrick to play the ball as he had seen Davids in an advanced position. Carrick saw the scum players starting to stand up and the ref had seen that there was no major problem. We were right to play on and it is the scum's fault that they fell asleep at the back. In fact if I was Arsehole I would be more worried by the way Falmini lost Keane completly.

    What is really the crux of the issue is Wenger knows the filth were outplayed by a much improved Spurs side. He knows that it is now in Spurs hands to finish fourth and to clinch the final Champions League place and he knows that his one man team looks most likely to lose its one man - Henry - leaving Arsene and the scum in their new stadium, without Champions League football and without their best ever player. Ha ha, fingers crossed it happens. In fact it couldn't happen to a nicer club.


    Who would win?

    Who would win in the image below? I know who my moneys on and it isn't the 6 stone scrawny french fool thats for sure!


    Saturday, April 22, 2006

    Exclusive Highbury photos

    Pictures of the celebrating Yidos after the final whistle. Two more wins and we are guaranteed fourth. Match report to follow when i have recovered!


    Friday, April 21, 2006

    Jenas out.

    Jermaine Jenas is out of the NLD tomorrow with a bruised shin.

    Expect Tainio to take his place meaning Lennon is highly likely to start.


    Spurs video

    Scum video
    Spurs vs. scum video.


    Scum Vs. Tottenham Hotspur

    This is it, the biggest game of the season. 4 points ahead, Arsenal have one game in hand. While a win would be fantastic this is a must NOT LOSE game! If we take a point or all three then we have enough in us to put away Bolton and West Ham to take the fourth spot. Lose though and I think the nomads will nick it from us at the death. That is when the draws with Sunderland, West Ham, loss to Fulham etc will really come home to roost.

    I feel Davids must play tomorrow. Although performances have been patchy of late he had a good game against United and is a big game player. He is also not afraid to put it about a bit either and while we don't want any red cards we all know the way to play against the scum. Get stuck in. Simple as that. Pressurise the ball, challenge hard and the scum players disappear. They hate having a fight on their hands as been seen numerous times this season. Sit back however and let them play their game and they could murder any team, especially at the shit hole.

    So I would start with Robinson in goal with Stalteri, Dawson, Davenport and Lee along the back. It is clear we will miss King but apart from the school boy error on Lee's part on Monday the back four performed well against United. Carrick will play in the centre with Jenas and Davids. Lennon will probably feature on the right and will be a valuable asset as long as we can get the ball in front of him so he can attack the full back. If we can't Lennon can become isolated so maybe Tainio (if fit) may start ahead of him giving us a strong, tough midfield, although we will lack width. Mido may be fit but only deserves to be on the bench so I would continue with Defoe and Keane up front forcing us to play it along the floor which could cause the lumbering back four of the nomads a few problems. It also allows Keane to drop deep if we need to pack the midfield. I also fancy that Defoe could well hit the target after coming close in previous games - it would be fantastic if he smashed in the winner!

    So we know what to do - Spurs - step up to the mark and put the scum away!

    COYS!.. P.s. I'm going :-)


    Monday, April 10, 2006

    Spurs stay five points clear.

    Spurs saw off Citeh yesterday with a well worked 2-1 win while the scum were beaten by Man U 2-0.  Hopefully Pompey will take at least a point on Wednesday.  Bolton also lost and I think one more Spurs win will see us in the UEFA cup next season at least.

    Spurs were overall the better side against Citeh and we had 19 shots on target.  James was in top form and made some excellent saves to deny Keane twice, a defelcted Stalteri cross and Tony Gardner effort from close range.  However he was not able to stop Stalteri slotting in a rebound from a Keane save and a Carrick volley to ensure Spurs took the points today.

    Gardner had a much better game than he did against Newcastle.  He much prefers to beside King and can be used as a Dawson backup with no worries but he seems to lack the confidence to be the lead man when King is injured.

    Stalteri was recalled today and got a goal and attacked well.  We witnessed no mistakes by him and he had a solid game.  Tainio was also recalled and looked ok but is probably slightly short of match fitness.

    Everton next, where we have an excellent record.  Fingers crossed!


    Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    Results goes our way.

    Bolton's chances of catching us took a big blow tonight when they lost 1-0 away to Birmingham.  I also heard that they have now failed to win away from home in 2006, a stat that bodes well for our European qualifictaion aims.  

    Blackburn were only able to take a point on Monday to Wigan and their equaliser was a joke so it could have easily been defeat.  I feel that a win against Citeh and a couple of other results going our way could see us put one foot into Europe next season.  Of course weather that is CL or UEFA cup remains to be seen.


    Mido wants to stay

    According to Sky Sports Mido has stated his desire to stay at WHL once his loan period expires.  Mido said,

    "I would to love stay here for more years, but it's not only about me, it's about Roma as well,"

    "Officially, I belong to Roma after the end of the season, so we're still talking with Tottenham and with Roma and we'll see what is going to happen.

    "To be honest, I want to stay and I'm happy here.

    "I'm not really thinking about other clubs or anything, I'm just thinking about Spurs.

    "I want Spurs and Roma to have a deal, and me and Spurs to have a personal contract.

    "I want to stay for the next year."

    Of course until Keane hit 7 in 7 Mido was our top scorer and has assisted with a few goals as well.  However he sometimes goes missing in games and his presence means we tend to play it long from Dawson's boot to Mido's head, not the best or most exciting way to play.  

    However, Mido clearly has talent and as long as the rumors that he stormed out of training a couple of weeks ago are untrue I would like to see him stay next season.


    Saturday, April 01, 2006

    Spurs slump

    I suppose we were bound to get a nightmare performance somewhere along the line and it just so happened to be here. The scum won as well but luckily Bolton lost. I stick to my prediction made on here a few weeks ago that CL football has been missed this season and it was not today's performance that has led to that but it hasn't helped.

    Davids was to blame sadly from the very first minute and all I heard the commentator say for the first 20 to 30 minutes of the game was that Davids had lost Bowyer once again. His failure to pick him up from the start led to a dreadful start. Bowyer made it 1-0 in the 2nd minute. We responded in fits and starts but were back on level terms when Keane headed home from Lennon's cross. However Newcastle was back in front soon after and effectively finished the game when Davids decided to bundle Bowyer over in the box.

    We improved in the second half but to be honest we were not going to get back into the game especially when Jenas missed an open goal after doing all the hard stuff like beating the keeper. It wasn't to be.

    Jol has to take criticisim today. Davids has been on his knees for weeks now and should not have started and Mido was ineffctive today. Jol should have played Murphey and Defoe in place of these passengers. However, there are still morons around calling for Jol to be sacked which is ridiculous considering we have only lost 7 league games all season. We have usually lost seven games by November!

    Spurs should still make the UEFA cup this season but will need to up the performance (both team and manager) for next week.