"It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory." Bill Nicholson. SPURS


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jol sacked

The club have finally come out and sacked Jol. His job was untenable after the secret meeting between Ramos and Spurs board members back in August.

Since then we have all known that there was really no way for Jol to recover - he was like the Titanic - always going to sink, just a matter of when.

What is so disappointing is that Levy did not have the balls to sack him in the summer when we could have had an orderly transition and then went about it in a snide, back handed way. Tottenham Hotspur Football Club once again look's like a sinking ship with a little buffoon at the helm.

Ramos has been approached yet again with Poyet to be his number two. The Sun claims it is all sown up and he will be in charge for Wednesday's game with Blackpool but more reliable sources say it is still not done as we won't pay the compensation Sevilla want. As usual Levy is more worried about his dividend than the actual club.

Jol had his faults and once the players knew it was only a matter of time before he was given the bullet they failed to perform. The individual mistakes have been appalling and Levy would do us all a favor if he also sacked Zokora, one of the worst players I have seen in a Spurs shirt. I think the fact he was captain tonight was an ironic joke on Jol's behalf. Bent not making an appearance also speaks volumes about who wanted him. While we are stuck with a meddling french man who thinks Zokora could replace Carrick and that Bent was the player we needed when we all knew the midfield was rubbish means we have no chance of making the progress we all want.

The treatment of Jol has been a disgrace. Maybe he had gone as far as he could but the guy did get us two UEFA cup finishes, our best league manager since the early 80s. He deserved better as do all Spurs fans. We deserve better than ENIC.

What worries me most is Levy's previous appointments - Hoddle, Pleat and Santini all come from our great chairman. Redknapp next when Ramos tells us to do one? God help us.


Three Clowns - ENIC OUT!

Three disgraceful people who have presided over this farcical season. Levy even smirked when the second goal went in.

Jol had his faults but stood no chance when Fat Kelmsey, Damien "You are all obsessed with a left winger" Comolli and Levy turned against him. We shall never succeed while we are run by this bunch of amateurs.

Levy and ENIC, OUT!


Monday, October 22, 2007

Where to now?

Defensive mistakes cost us again tonight as crashed to defeat although it was our first loss in seven games. However we seem determined to blow games left, right and centre. If we had taken maximum points at Fulham, Liverpool and a point at Sunderland we would have 5 more points - that would put us twelfth. Still not great but better where we are now and only 6 points off the UEFA places. The league is now almost dead and we need wins home and away against Blackburn, Portsmouth and Manchester City to have any chance of picking up the points necessary to secure a top six finish.

It was Dawson's turn tonight to provide the defensive mistakes being woefully positioned for the first and completely losing his man for the second. Jenas looked interested for about 10 minutes before giving up and Chimbonda looks like he couldn't give a monkeys.

Where has it all gone wrong? It is all very easy to blame Jol and he has to take his share - tactical mistakes cost us against the scum and Chelsea last season and Fulham away this. However he has got it right at times - we outplayed Liverpool and our failure to close down a cross cost us a win - we were unlucky against United but it now looks like confidence is dropping like a stone.

Levy is just as responsible - he allowed big money to be spent on players we did not need and Jol did not want while we failed to get the midfielder Jol asked for and we could all see we needed. The biggest screw up this season has been making our manager a lame duck - stabbing him in the back has fatally wounded Jol - his time is now up but without Levy and his mob going as well we shall be no better off. Any manager treated like Jol has would find himself in a similar situation regardless of his ability. Other managers have seen how we operate and how we have treated our most successful manager for years - why would they come to Spurs now? They won't.

Sacking Jol is the least of our problems. Enic have to go and until they do we're fucked.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kemsley jumped before he could be pushed.

Thank goodness that odious toad is no longer involved with Spurs after he jumped before Levy actually had to fire him. The back stabber who has done more than Jol ever could to undermine the season has left but is still crawling around in the background.

Reliable ITKs suggest that Kemsley went to Spain to court Ramos without permission from the board and was continually working behind Jol's back to undermine him for either Ramos or his mate Redknapp.

Now he has gone it turns out that is actually Kemsley's company who owns the buildings around WHL so if we are to expand our home since 1889 he will have to be involved again.

Other notable achievements including wasting millions on two failed and flawed planning applications for a new training ground. Unfortunately rumours continue to grow that he is about to team up with millionaire friend and Newcastle owner Ashley and attempt a take over.

Lets hope this slob comes nowhere near WHL again.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Spurs Villa Goals

What a game. Shame we gave them three goals.